The border wall is costing 5oo% more that trump said

The Texas Tribune that follows government contracts says the wall trump was constructing has increased to 500% what it was supposed to be…It goes on to say that trump and republicans have increased the cost by allowing NO BID INCREASES TO THE CONTRASTS by a small group of trump and republican companies…The Tribune says trump has increased the cost of the wall with a

We need to have investigations into where the money went TRUMP IS A MASTER AT STEALING MONEY as proved by court cases…my bet is he has his pockets filled with taxpayer money for the wall

Doesn’t matter, Mexico’s been sending the checks for that…:man_shrugging:

The morons of the country will never understand the cost of illegals in the country.

Last estimate 160 billion a year after the little they contribute in taxes. That’s not a one cost, that’s more every year.

To do nothing is beyond stupid, back to catch and release and more wasted on non citizens when our poor suffer.


YA hahahahahaha what a total rip by the biggest ripper of all…trumputin

Obviously your numbers were derived from far right wing orgs…
Maybe you didn’t get it…they have found tunnels under the walls
RepubliCON logic is just dump 10’s of BILLIONS $$$ in the
taxpayers lap building things that don’t do anything all while
knowing they all get in unless you work to solve the issue…
republicans will never do it…Hey are you a American Indian huh

Americans benefit from the cheap labor. That’s why republicans and democrats alike have allowed the status quo. Reagan gave amnesty to a few million…

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Yeah methadone mile across America is doing great! Let’s just keeping poor Americans in to addiction lol

I was just in Boston historic beacon hill area walking down a historic street and illegals were fixing someone’s brick siding… the jobs the jobs going to illegals just isn’t right… so many poor Americans struggling