The Bongino Report is now open to replace the Drudge Report


The Bongino Report: The Newest Conservative News Aggregator

Yesterday, conservative commentator and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino released his new news aggregating website, the Bongino Report.

Advertised as an alternative to the Drudge Report, likely the most prominent extant conservative news aggregator but lately of an increasingly anti-Trump bent, Bongino’s goal for his new site is to gather news, opinion pieces and video links from many different websites geared toward a conservative, libertarian, and constitutionalist viewpoint.

Dan Bongino is an annoying and self-aggrandizing tool.


Drudge used to be good aggregator. I would hit the site daily for over a decade. Now it’s pure shit and I have not clicked once in 6 months.


Okay you may not like him but anything is better than the Drudge Report.

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Its Citizen Press all the way. Bongino is basically trying to sweep in with an unoriginal idea and an idea that is not his own. I won’t be visiting this site anytime soon!

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To each his own.

After I become familiar with his new site’s performance and style, I will check out Citizen Press and then compare them to see which one I like better and learn the pro’s and con’s of each, then I will be able to speak knowledgeably about either one.

I might like Citizen’s Press more than Bongino’s Report page coverage of the news.

But in the end, I guess they are both on the same side, politically, right?

I mean it’s not as if we need more enemies to oppose. The Left is more than enough for me without fighting among ourselves.


What he should have done was what Tucker Carlson did when he started the Daily Caller. This seems completely self-serving. No thanks.

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When we fight each other, somewhere and somehow a Jihadi earns a virgin.


You know that we are being warred upon by the enemies of America who hate Bongino more than you do, right?


We need to support anyone who is willing to call the left out. I will use the Bongino report as much as I can as long as it’s a good site!

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I like how you think.

Couldnt say it any better!