The Black Death is breaking out in Los Angeles

Yup, the Mad Max future is here and is now.

The homeless and illegal hispanic hordes have started the Black Death in Commiefornia.

Hopefully it gets out of control and mass death happens.

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And in a related story:

I hope this spreads throughout the urban areas of California as rampant as their brush fires do.

Hey, I live in that shizzle hole

Sounds like you should move.

I can’t wait for this to spread to Hollywood and Silicon Valley. I desperately want Taylor Swift and Mark Zuckerberg to catch the plague.

Oh man, believe me, if I could I would. I’d like to move to Texas.

It won’t, as long as we have Cipro, penicillin, and streptomycin, mass death isn’t even a possibility.

Just get ready to see hundreds of millions of tax dollars thrown into free healthcare for illegals.

TB and other diseases that disappeared in the western world are making a comeback. It’s a big concern for all

Lol, besides epitomizing hate, in the rapid mobilized modern world it wouldn’t remain confined to Cali…:man_shrugging:

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Some how they seem to think it only attacks those of a certain political persuasion.

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I wouldn’t wish death upon them, but the citizens of LA, Long Beach, San Francisco, and basically all of SoCa need a wake up call, if they want to save their city.

They need to stop letting illegal immigrants, and pay attention to its legal population first. It’s not too late to change policies and save the city.

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That said, wide-spectrum anti-biotics can be used to fight against it. Let’s hope the disease doesn’t mutate and become anti-biotic resistant. I would figure that most antibiotics that work for Cholera will also work for this, given they are both Gram-negative.

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Penicillin is only effective against Gram-positive bacteria.

Pretty close. The innocent should do what they can to leave that shithole.

#### Los Angeles County

100% Reporting

D H. Clinton 71.4% 1,893,770
R D. Trump 23.4% 620,285
L G. Johnson 2.5% 67,416
G J. Stein 2.1% 54,864
P G. La Riva 0.6% 15,737

TB never disappeared completely, we’ve always had problems with it in the US particularly in Texas and the SW.

You don’t seem to understand much of anything, particularly how a quarantine works.

That isn’t true. P is most effective against Gram Positive bacteria but not limited to them. Penn-Strep in combination is the first choice for Bubonic Plague.

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It is correct that TB never disappeared completely.
What’s alarming is the fact that the actual amount of people with TB is increasing.

Not particularly alarming, it is to be expected.