So, Nancy Pelosi accuses President Trump of a coverup, the MSM immediately parrots her and we hear “coverup” as the new talking point from the fake news media…and it’s always related to President Trump.

This, I contend, is quite in keeping with the liberal tactic of “accuse others of what you are doing”, just as the collusion with Russia was actually done by Hillary and the Democrat shills.

The liberals and the MSM want the word “coverup” to be associated with the word “Trump”…just as they successfully stuck “collusion with Russia” on “Trump”.

It is actually the Democrat Party that is struggling to cover up their activities related to the Russia collusion hoax and the initiation of it.

Now that President Trump has authorized declassification of the FISA warrant documents and other documents related to the hoax, the Democrats suddenly want them NOT released. This is a 180 shift from their stance on the classified portions of the Mueller report. Now they deem such action to be an attack on our Constitution.

There definitely is a coverup being instigated, but it is coming from the Democrat Party, the former Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, the guilty within the FBI and CIA…all of the players that promoted the hoax. They are all scared shitless of being exposed. Now the guilty actors are diving into foxholes and firing upon each other, before the truth comes out.

This, of course, is simply my opinion. Have you one on this matter (investigation) ?

My opinion pretty much aligns with yours. You outlined it pretty well.

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The stupidity on the left is amazing these days. They are terrified of Trump because they know how dirty they are. If he is allowed ANY credibility, he will bring down the house on their heads… I agree with you and think this crap is about trying to make sure the establishment doesn’t get run out of town.

Yes, it is. It is not surprising that the left is stupid (just look at low-IQ Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson and Fruit Loops Cortez), but it is amazing the degree to which they will abandon logic and sensibility to promote lunacy and lies.

Nadler and Schiff are demanding the release of Grand Jury testimony, this despite the fact that it is against the law to make it public…and Nadler is holding William Barr in contempt for refusing to testify in unprecedented interrogation by outside lawyers in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

What is unfortunate for the Democrats is that we have 17 months between now and the election. With declassification of the documentation of the genesis of the collusion hoax, there will be much damage control required of the Democrats.

They have a lot of ‘spillaining’ to do.

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The next year and a half or so is going to be entertaining as hell.

Because Mueller drug out the investigation for more than a year unnecessarily all of investigations into the democratic conspiracy that began and guided the whole Russian collusion operation was also delayed.

As a result the most damning facts of the case will not be revealed until we’re deeply into the primaries and through the conventions.

They have created the perfect storm and that storm is going to be slamming them into the rocks at the worst time for the DNC and the perfect time for the RNC.

AOC — Assclown On Crack


I’ve always said that Trump’s biggest enemy is his mouth and fingers and he isn’t even in AOC’s league.

AOC is a complete moron who’s mouth seems utterly disconnected from her brain, with a brain that is stuck in some fantasy alternate reality.

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The Mueller team had the opportunity and ability with their open investigations to work both sides of the street. Instead they chose the partisan view of the GOP and Trump only.

Imagine what h could have produced is he investigated the IRS/DOJ/FBI as well as the Comey’s and the FISA warrants. The left would have wet their panties.

I think his task order was carefully worded to include investigation of Trump campaign/Russia collusion and anything that resulted therefrom.

He ignored the obvious collusion between Hillary, the DNC, and the FBI with Russia regrading the initiation of spying on the Trump campaign and subsequently on the Trump administration.

He delayed revealing that he had concluded (long before the report was issued) that there was no collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russians.

His report could not possibly claim there was collusion because he would have had to present evidence of it…none of which he had.

He is now going to appear for a closed door interview with the Democrat SS Officer Nadler. Though it will not be televised to the American people, a redacted transcript will be issued.

Maybe we should demand the fully unredacted version of the transcript…just as Nadler and Schiff are demanding the fully unredacted Mueller report.

Mueller should have demanded that Adam Schiff reveal the evidence that he claimed to have on collusion.

If anyone should be indicted for lying to Congress and the American people, it is Adam Schitt…er Schiff.

Except the reality that it all began from the FISA warrants which he totally ignored.

Ignoring the FBI and the DOJ both off the hook in his investigation.

Pretty amazing how the elected idiots can say anything in committee and behind the podium and not be held legally responsible.

When asked about the lies he told about Romney Reid said, so what we won.

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Senator Graham correctly identifies the Democrats as “crazy”.

They intentionally buried all evidence of real collusion in favor of deposing a sitting president they didn’t like.

The next 12-14 months are going to be explosive and entertaining as hell.

Last I heard the IG’s report is due out in the next 2-3 weeks and that snowball is going to grow like a monster and accelerate to supersonic almost overnight when it does.

Watch for the rats to start fleeing the ship by July/August when things really start to heat up.

Unfortunately this is likely to be a very violent period as well leading up to the conventions next year.