The Biden Administration Is Scheming To Take Your Kids Away

The Biden Administration Is Scheming To Take Your Kids Away

By: Nathanael Blake

November 27, 2023

Democrats have been suggesting taking children away from ‘non-affirming’ parents for years now, but Biden’s HHS is getting the ball rolling.

As Americans celebrate the holidays with their families, the Biden administration is laying the groundwork to destroy families by taking children away from their parents in order to sterilize and sexually mutilate them.

The Biden administration has proposed new rules for foster care, which would treat any parent rejecting LGBT ideology as a child abuser. The public comment deadline is today, the Monday after Thanksgiving, a bureaucratic middle finger to the public it is supposed to serve. The proposed regulations state that “to be considered a safe and appropriate placement, a provider is expected to utilize the child’s identified pronouns, chosen name, and allow the child to dress in an age-appropriate manner that the child believes reflects their self-identified gender identity and expression.” In short, those who don’t believe the superstition that a child can somehow be born into the wrong body are, per the Biden administration, unfit to be foster parents.

This won’t stop with foster parents.

Cutting Christians and other dissenters from the sexual revolution out of the foster care system is only the start. Given the government control of the foster care system, this is a convenient place for the left to establish the precedent that rejecting gender ideology and the rest of the LGBT movement’s dogmas is abusive and harmful to children and that those who do so are unfit parents. Once they have set this point, they’ll expand it to everyone else — after all, if it’s abuse for foster parents, it’s abuse for biological parents as well.

This should not be a surprise. Democrats have been suggesting taking children away from “non-affirming” parents for years now, but they have thus far been too scared to go through with it. But the folks in Biden’s administration — led by Babylon Bee “Man of the Year” Rachel Levine — are going to see if they can get the ball rolling this time.

The justification for these new rules is based on the usual junk science, created and pushed by activist organizations and those whose reputations and livelihoods depend upon validating transitioning children. For example, the Biden administration repeatedly cites a survey by the activists at The Trevor Project. This survey consisted of a self-selected online sample. The Biden administration wants to keep kids away from loving homes because the science told them to — the science of a self-selected online survey created by an activist group.

These sorts of garbage studies are necessary for the LGBT movement to justify itself, especially as it has shifted to an obsession with “LGBT youth.” They long ago dropped the pretense that this is about consenting adults, or that they seek some sort of live-and-let-live settlement. Rather, they are determined to claim other people’s children for themselves and their movement.

Trying to take children away from “non-affirming” parents is the predictable result of the lies that children are born LGBT, and that sexual and gender identities are the essential core of our being. The belief that nothing is more authentic or important than sexual desire and “gender identity” is what lies behind the LGBT movement’s fanatical drive to groom other people’s children. It is why educators are eager to push sexually explicit material onto even very young children. It is why schools fill kids’ minds with gender ideology, and then encourage them to transition without telling their parents. And it is why the left has wholeheartedly embraced medically “transitioning” children, sometimes starting before they are even teenagers.

This wrongly termed “gender-affirming care” is incredibly abnormal medicine. It attempts to treat psychological distress by radically remaking the patient’s body in a way that is completely medically unnecessary, indeed, medically harmful. As the proposed Biden administration rules make clear, there is no objective physical or psychological diagnosis for being transgender; rather, it is a purely subjective, self-diagnosed identity — a “self-identified gender identity and expression.” And there is never any medical need to transition.

When someone who identifies as transgender does not chemically and surgically transition, his or her body continues its natural, healthy development and functioning. The only harm that can come from not transitioning is self-harm, which is why the transgender movement has become totally reliant on threats of suicide.

This suicide narrative is used to rush children into transition, with almost all the power centers of our nation pushing them on. But studies show that children overwhelmingly desist from transgender identification if given time and counseling. The Biden administration nonetheless relies on threats of self-harm in making its case for the proposed rules for foster care. It is pure hostage-taking, done to enable the sterilization and sexual mutilation of children on the superstition that they are being born into the wrong bodies.

In short, the Biden administration plans to treat parents who object to this grotesque medical malpractice as child abuse. They are coming for your children, and they aren’t bothering to hide it anymore.

This is happening all over the west they want to turn your kids into communist homosexual Lunatics that’s if they haven’t already convinced you to have them aborted already to allow you to live a life of pure consumerism

As long as they are dems GREAT !!!
I support abortion for as many dems as possible . I support as many dem trannys as possible , sterilize all those mother fuckers . Bring in another 80,000 illegals into dem Cities and bankrupt them ALL !

I like to call that the Tim pool Theory personally I don’t agree with it but understand where people are coming from ultimately I think allowing them to do this just degrades Society

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Have you rode the subways in NYC ? have you been to San Francisco and stepped in the shit on the sidewalks , stepped on needles thrown everywhere ? Have you been to Harlem NY , been to Mobile Alabama , Detroit , On MLK blvd in ANY city in the USA at night ?

No I’ve never been to America before my uncle lived in San Francisco for 15 years and said it was a wonderful City I’ve seen videos of the destruction that wonderful San Francisco is Long Gone and I’ve seen the crime statistics related to the south side of Chicago end of a majority black and Mexican communities and I understand the majority of abortions are black women and that as a consequence of decreasing the population of unwanted black children in America crime has also decreased but I just don’t believe it’s moral to kill children

Well my friend you could never be a true demoRAT !!!

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Yeah I’ve never vote democrat unfortunately for them I’m based in a reality


Having lived in Detroit, Chicago, Denver, worked in LA, San Fran, Seattle, Portland, I would disagree. In Detroit the former murder capital, murder has decreased with the evacuation of the city. 20 years ago over a million people, today under 600K.

There are quite a few statistics available that appear to link abortion and over crime rates decreasing sociologist types believe that the children that were aborted were most likely to be uncared for and therefore more likely to commit crime similar to how children from single parent households grow up to be adults that commit the majority of crime I’m not saying it’s a fact but there are studies that appear to link abortion and overall crime decreasing in America

I’m anti abortion and people have to find ways to justify it you can a technically make statistics say anything if you highlight the right things and you have enough data we’ve seen government agencies and sociologist types do this before so I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s just a manipulation tactic to gain support for abortion

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Less people fewer crimes. Detroit proves that as population moves, so does crime. Denver also proves the reality more people, higher crime.

And you are correct statistics are not unbiased nor are polls. Percentages are a joke. During the covid fiasco, Wyoming had a high percentage of covid cases. With a population of 600K with 4 large populations the numbers were skewed for the entire state.

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