The Battle of Britain...13 Hours that Saved the Nation

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Fortunately the Germans had no idea just how close they were to winning the air war and gaining complete air superiority when Hitler ordered Goering to pull the plug.

Germany had no quarrel with Britain at the beginning of WWII.
Germany could have decimated the British army at Dunkirk in 1940, but it didn’t. Germany for the last time demonstrated that it had no desire to war with Britain.

However, Churchill, an occultist ■■■■ had a different agenda.

Again you plant idiotic drivel in hopes it will grow into the truth.

Hitler had no quarrel with any nation before he began to take them over. Hitler’s goal was to dominate the world. He went into Africa. He invaded and wanted to take over Russia.

The English Channel and the fighting will of the English people kept him from overrunning Great Britain.

If that were true they would not have attacked the Brits.

They were unable to destroy the troops at Dunquirk because the RAF and Navy held them off long enough for the troops to be evacuated.

The Blitz had run out of steam after over stretching their supply lines and the German Airforce lacked the FOB’s to allow their planes enough loiter time over the area to be effective and the RAF kept shooting the hell out of them preventing the medium and heavy bombers from even reaching the beaches.

Just a lot of wishful thinking.

"To kill off the peace movement Churchill did two things: he ordered the bombardment of the French fleet at Mers el-Kébir early in July, and he provoked the bombing of London by deliberately attacking Berlin in the last week of August, on a pretext. (He himself hid out in Oxfordshire every time Intelligence sources told him London was going to be bombed). The archives leave no doubt.

After the first raid on Berlin, Hitler hurried back to his capital and secretly instructed Hess to make one final attempt to establish contact with his high-placed friends in Britain, to halt the madness. Hess fumbled; the war continued, and the Empire was lost. As I stated in “Churchill’s War”, vol. i: “Struggle for Power”, Winston was the destroyer of two empires - one of them his own."
David Irving

What the hell are you even talking about? The Germans started bombing the UK including London in August of 1940.

Didge the Village Idiot doesn’t seem to provide credible links to historical data…just names of opinion writers that call their opinions history.

He is a bullshit artist.