The ATF Is Coming For You If You Own These Guns!

FYI A recent internal email leaked from the ATF suggests they are coming for you if you own certain guns, particular trigger manufacturers from Rare Brand, and wide open triggers. Be warned that this is not legal, and the fact we have a government that anti 2nd amendment this is where it will start so be prepared. Beware of the “forward trace” this pretty much involves raiding the gun manufacturers to which seizing info on their customers which in turn will go after gun owners. Be prepared!

The left will get their way once they stack the Supreme Court . :skull_and_crossbones:

The won’t be able to stack the Supreme they simply don’t have the votes. What is troubling with this story and development is the ATF is making up laws now and and decidedly preparing to go after our guns by any means necessary. This could end up very badly for both sides.

They have many RINOS now and are gaining more by the hand full . :rage:

They weren’t able to get the votes on the voting rights bill that Chuckie Shitshummer was trying to pass.

ATF agents are going to get shot in the face if they try this approach! I know I would be on high alert if I was knowingly possessing a firearm that they deemed unlawful. I see lawsuits on this issue! This is no joke! This could start something much bigger.