🟡 The ANTIFA Manual

This is supposed to be their guidebook to success. Here are the first 7 pages…quite enough to describe their intended goal…to abolish freedom of speech for all but a chosen few.

ANTIFA MANUAL.pdf (839.0 KB)

Anyone could have thrown this together.

Without any authentication its a meaningless document.

This is true, though I wouldn’t say “anybody” could have done it. That is why I said this is “supposed” to be…rather than saying it “is”…

The trick would to get your hands on a manual and see what is in it.

Here’s another copy.

Here’s a Snopes “fact check” that says it’s false. (Do you know who controls Snopes?)

Here’s link from within the Snopes “fact check”.

Here are the Antifa Rules for the FREE PRESS!

Here’ the Full text of “Book (289 pages): Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook by Mark Bray

(There will be a pop quiz on this tomorrow. Be prepared!)


Here’s the UK ANTIFA instructions.

Here’s another article on the “leaked” document. Be sure to read the comments below it.

And, here’s a bit more info on ANTIFA…