The Always Controversial Topic of Race in America

The topic of race itself is controversial. Allow me to begin by stating that I do not believe that success in life is determined by “racial” traits, such as hair or skin color. There is zero evidence to suggest that’s true. On the contrary, I do believe success in life is influenced and aided by a person’s culture and cultural background. That’s the premise of my argument and I hope to submit it for your approval (or disapproval).

Statistically, people living in Asia do better on IQ tests (on average) than people living the US or Europe. But that high IQ average isn’t due to a special gene only found in Asian people, it’s due to Asian culture, which puts a severe stress on academic success that we don’t have here in the West. The culture in Asia expects people to always do well in studies, and surprise, that’s what happens. So, it’s culture, not race traits, that is the significant determining factor.

I have extended family with an Irish heritage (I’m Welsh/Irish on my mothers side, German/Spanish on my fathers side). Irish culture is celebrated, but it lacks a determination to be studious and to be successful in math and science. The exact same can be said for “black culture” here in the US (Irish culture is comparable to black culture). It does not have severe demands and expectations of success in school and business. Both Irish and black culture deals with a lot of poverty and they have similar problems. But the Chinese have poverty also, the difference is their cultural mentality.

In China, the culture is helping the Chinese rise to become a world-power. We should be gearing our culture towards success in science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM).

This isn’t mysterious, it’s obvious, if you think about it. We should stop pointing fingers at race and start pointing at culture.


WE have decided that it is no longer appropriate to teach children reading, writing, and math. It IS appropriate to teach them that their country is evil, bad, and rooted in hate and slavery. They are taught about homosexuals, they are taught about Socialism not Capitalism, they are taught about Islam, they are taught Christianity is historically bad, they are taught all cultures are great, they are taught American culture is evil, they are socially promoted to the next grade to avoid injuring their self esteem. They cannot read, they cannot write, they cannot think critically. They have absolutely no notion of history and geography. They have absolutely no knowledge of the founding of this country, and what the Constitution means. America = bad. Whites = bad. Christians = bad.

Our schools are such failures, that American corporations are having to request foreign immigrants to hire via H1B. And the American kids are clueless as to why they can’t find a job, so they follow the left which tells them it’s the fault of the Conservatives. Another generation lost, indoctrinated by morons.


If anything all of the legislation and trying to make it look like more is being done for the minorities is hurting rather than helping. Kids are not being taught what they need to be taught. More emphasis should be placed on English, math, the sciences, and yet we are hard pressed to find kids across the country who are proficient in reading. Asia is kicking our butts consistently and we know it and are not acting on it. I took my kids out of public school years ago because they weren’t getting what “I” thought they needed. My son was bored, he is a gifted child, and my daughter was just floating by because the schools she attended allowed it. In comes home school and my kids excelled, started having conversations with us on an adult level, and neither one could claim boredom anymore. THAT is saying something…Not to mention history, for them, was no longer about white guilt and slavery, they actually started learning about GASP other history, relevant history, imagine there is more to our history than slavery. I think it is sad when my kids could recite dates, names, places, and historical events about slavery but nothing else. Schools started going downhill under Carter, and it got worse as time went on. It’s about time to get rid of the DOE, put unions out of business with teachers, hold teachers accountable, hold parents accountable, and stop teaching to test and just plain teach. Then it is time to get rid of affirmative action, it obviously hasn’t been as beneficial as it is touted to be. Of course, saying all of this makes me a racist Nazi nowadays, but who cares. It’s true.

I believe that in America we are all born equal. Its financial situation that separates people, not race. It is what you do with the opportunity in front of you is how we determine how the course of our lives will go. If two black men were born on same day in same hospital but one is from low income neighborhood & other is from well to do area, each will have completely different life experience. One has a higher chance of turning to crime and therefore more interactions with police and possible prison/jail. The same is for two white men born in different situations.
But Liberals & Democrats need to have “minority victims” and sadly many of the minorities fall for that victimhood. Ive really become more aware of how political the race issues are in past few years after I walked away from democrat party. And I see how much brainwashing & pushing “racism is everywhere” platform they run on.


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Stop teaching children they are one step removed from different lines of animals, some more evolved than others. Maybe then they will stop acting like animals and treat each other like who we are, cousins.

(“Race” is strictly an evolutionary concept used by Darwin, Huxley, Haeckel, and the other nineteenth-century evolutionists to rationalize their white racism. But from the beginning it was not so! “God that made the world and all things therein; . . . hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth” (Acts 17:24,26). “Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother?” (Malachi 2:10). HMM)

I agree. I personally don’t care what color you are. If you believe in America and the founding principles then… well, you are an American.

If you believe in something else then perhaps that is the place best suited for you and you should live there, not here.

However, I don’t really think you will be able to separate rejection of culture from those who conflate it with racism. For quite too many that requires a deeper level of analysis and perhaps a bit more introspection than they are willing to engage in.

Race only determines which ‘micro-culture’ you are likely to be born into. Most cultures have grown out of self exclusion, and into assimilation. Twenty years ago Hispanics were told by every group like La Raza that assimilation was ‘selling out’ and resulted in losing one’s culture.
Hispanics figured it out five years later and assimilated to the point where the majority are doing very well.
Asians never really had the issue, as they understood success required English language, and White people’s influence.
Blacks are improving, yet more slowly because Democrats/progs intentionally or unintentionally keep them mired in dysfunction and disorganization. Elijah Cummings has never grown out of seeing racism in everything he views, and excusing his own failure to improve Baltimore as the work of ‘institutionalized racism’. He and others like him reinforce excusing, and externalizing blame for, failure. A Black teen is watched more closely in stores because Black teens steal - a lot. The culture encourages academic failure, lawlessness, violence, unwed motherhood, dependence and poverty.
Imagine for a moment, that White music, say country - advocated murdering cops, goin’ superman on yo ho’, impregnating women and running away - how long before that music would be rejected as asinine? Days? Yet this is a large part of modern Black hip hop. Criticizing it publicly makes you a racist, calling out the dysfunction of Black ghettoes like Baltimore somehow makes you a Nazi.

When black people in positions of influence, use their positions to push assimilation, using standard English, obeying the laws, not hating cops - the rest of society will notice, and things will improve quickly.

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The Asian people have big advantage over us including blacks, by having a strong family bond. Each generation takes care of the previous one. They have a family unit of a MOTHER and FATHER.
When some of them immigrated here, they owned convenience stores or liquor stores in some of the worst high crime neighborhoods ( mostly black) imaginable. Sometimes being shot to death during a robbery.
Blacks have become spoiled by the government giving them every possible advantage ( Affirmative Action) possible . When asked to do it without AA , they claim racism. Blacks need to start building a strong family that includes a MOTHER and FATHER and along with all people, DEMAND the schools start teaching and stop the LIBERAL INDOCTRINATION and test for KNOWLEDGE instead of some inane government mandate.

Pretty simple. All across Asia there is a cultural maxim that says you must not embarrass your family or dishonor your ancestors and everyone is expected to achieve.

Since the breakdown of the nuclear family in the US and the commonality with which children are produced randomly and without thought our “core family values” which were similar have largely been lost.

Almost half our kids today result from casual sexual encounters and over half are raised without the benefit of a father in their lives and with each succeeding generation since the War On Poverty and Sexual Revolution began the acceleration to total degeneracy increases.