The Afghanistan Papers

Just another reason why we need to do a 180 on our decades long ME foreign policy that has benefited Islamic extremists, Iran, China and Russia and the MIC.

It’s past time to end our bullshit forever wars and take care of US domestic problems.

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You know, the only country that benefited from this bullshit was Israel.

Well no, not only, US defense contractors and who knows how many US politicians…too.

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Yes and No.
That’s exactly what Eisenhower warned America about: the military industrial complex.
But actually, it’s the big bank behind all that.

Well right, that’s the point.

After the Russian defeat in Afghanistan, and then the arrogant US and UK going in just to make a small-minded realpolitiks point that we’re better than Russia, reminded me of a clever play on words axiom, which goes ‘They said it was a job that couldn’t be done, but with a smile he went to it. He tackled that job that couldn’t be done . . . and couldn’t do it!’ :rofl:

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