The 9th Circuit Strikes Again! Taxpayers Forced to Cover Gender Surgery for Abuser and Rapist!

This is pretty crazy as the State of Idaho lost a case involving a convicted Sex offender’s demand for gender reassignment surgery at the Tax payers expense. Insert “crazy” here anywhere, as it is clearly obvious that the 9th circuit court has got some cultural Marxists who managed to become judges impaneled on their benches. The state of Idaho said they will appeal the case bringing it to the SCOTUS and so they should, because nowhere does it make sense that a convicted sex offender should demand that the Tax payers should be on the hook for this mentally deranged person’s sex change operation! This is worth watching because, if this inmate wins its case it will set precedent for other similar cases to follow and therefore the cultural war for normalcy will take a huge hit.

It sounds even more asinine there than it is here. ‘a cruel . . . punishment to deny the surgery.’ That’s straight out of the Liberals’ Book of Compassionate Words and Phrases for Psychopaths’, subtitled ‘We Feel Your Pain’.

I will save taxpayer money, and offer to do the surgery for free. I still have all my plumbing tools. Hey, plumbing is plumbing, correct?

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Isn’t it cruel and unusual punishment for taxpayers to pay for it. Let the Appellate Judges pay for it.
He must be happy and busy
as a "female " in Gen Pop.
Jimsouth offeryour services to Idaho for free if theypay your airfare and hotel.

I hear if you pour rubbing alcohol on it kills the pain.and Ben gay is also good for l
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Will the taxpayer pay for regret surgery too? Regret is not uncommon. :confounded:

Just one more example of why the 9th needs to be broken up.