The 5 Taliban Who Were Traded For Bergdahl's Release Are now at Negotiating Table With US

Very strange how these men who were traded for Bergdahl’s release has come full circle to be at the negotiating table with US officials in trying to come to terms with a peace agreement. Remember to this day, Obama is and was heavily criticized for having done this in the first place, and nobody knew why! It was an act that was consider a treasonous one by many.

Obama truely hated America.

The reason they are at the negotiating table is because they were very high level officials when they were captured initially and by being released they have essentially been given rockstar status by the USG.

If the Taliban had money their faces would be on it.


Al-lah hu Barackbar Obummer and his husband Michael are both Muslim scum, I’ve said this from the start of his infiltration into American politics!



Trading five senior terrorists for the traitor Bowe Bergdahl was one of the most foolish acts committed by Barack Obama. Now we have to negotiate peace with them? So I guess we do negotiate with terrorists. This needs to be called off by the Trump Administration.


Reminds me of the Paris Peace talks where the other side has no intention of honoring anything they promise, all we need is for Bergdahl to show up with an entourage of traitors.

This was one of the really strange decisions Obama made. The only reason that made sense to me was that he wanted so badly to empty Guantanamo that he would use any excuse to get rid of these people. There would have been less blowback if he’d just turned them loose. It seemed that they were so confident of their propaganda machine that they thought that they could sell any sack of shit they dreamed up.

In a sense, they weren’t too far wrong. Susan Rice should be a laughing stock that nobody would take seriously, but with the propaganda news media we have now, most of them think she’s golden.

Our people should be late to one of the negotiating meetings that is suddenly interrupted by a suicide bomber after the Taliban Delegation arrives.

I wish we could get our troops out of Afghanistan but we all know that if it falls back into the hands of the Taliban we’ll be back in fiver years or less and it will be far more difficult to retake than it was to begin with.

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Obama always identified with them and wanted to “make peace” rather than see US win.

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Obama still hates America. Obama is a goddamned traitor.

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Michael Obama…chick with a dick!

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Obama wanted to take a wrecking ball to America. We will be dealing with the consequences of electing a closet Marxist for decades.

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Yeah that makes sense on several levels! I remember shutting down Guantanamo being a campaign promise that he ultimately failed on.

IMO I think Susan Rice is more worried about lawyering up than her public perception at this point. Its my opinion that she is behind a lot of the illegal Unmasking in the FISA warrant and spying scandal more than anyone!

Do you notice how John Kerry has been ominously silent and out of sight these days? Not a peep since his Paris meeting with Iranian officials!

Yes, of all of Obama’s stooges she’s the stoogiest. Not very clever and probably didn’t cover her tracks. My money says that Brennan engineered this whole thing and Rice was just doing what she was told.

With each new day, a new revelation is revealed, we get closer to see that maybe thats the case, it certainly is starting to look that way!

He got his wish and we’re left in a great big boiling pot of shit.

Brennan is another Clinton Lackey and if you sit back taking a hard look at the whole thing it sounds like something that might have come out of the Clinton WH in the nineties.

Remember too that this whole thing began with Christopher Steele passing his “dossier” to Victoria Neuland who was one of Hillary’s closest aids and confidants at the DoS.

Step back and see how much sense this whole thing wold make if you put Hillary at the top of the chain with Brennan acting as her surrogate.

Like peeling an onion.