The 2 pandemics

First, there is the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes us anxious because we, or
people we love, anywhere in the world, might soon become gravely ill and even die.
Second, there is a pandemic of anxiety about the economic consequences of the first.
These two pandemics are interrelated, but are not the same phenomenon. In the second pandemic, stories of fear have gone so viral that we often think of them

It will be interesting when the fallout from the Economic pandemic which was crated by government really hits home.

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It will be interesting. I’m going to have the hope it leads to people getting back on track with reality and all of the SJW stupidity gets put on the back burner.

Let’s hope no one is so bereft of drama that they have to sue over a cake or are offended because they think they are a woman and need to use a woman’s bathroom, etc.

I’m going to hope for a Great Awakening.

I suspect the reopening will be a flop as most will reopen reopen all businesses, i.e. restaurants, bars, various shopping.

It will be most interesting to se if people jettison the SJW and th racism claims nonsense and return their lives to normal.

Despite the suppos “Wave 2” of this pandemic, I still believe we still need to open the economy. People are going to need to get used to the “new norm”. We made it through 9/11…we’ll always make it through, no matter what.

Nothing has changed. We do not have enough infected and healed to have herd immunity so the virus is out there and waiting. No amount of testing will slow the infection rate until we hit that point.

And yes we need to put people back to work, this little adventure in stupidity will cost another 3 trillion in debt and one day the bill will come due.

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If they suddenly ‘open up the economy’ it will be an admission it shouldn’t have been shut down in the first place. It’s why the UK government keeps saying that the ‘restrictions will be lifted in a balanced way’, aka ‘over a long period of time’.

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So much for the 100-200 million that will die the it was 100-200K now it has fallen to a more realistic 60K.

And yes, the stats are discussing re-opening in a phased manor.

And yes the infections will rise.

Well, I agree with Trump, that we should do a three-phase prong. And you are right, the lockdown shouldn’t have happened in the first place. But instead of focusing on what we are in now, we could be focusing on what we can do in the coming days/months.

I think we are going to come back as strong as ever.

Yes, more people will be infected and more will die.

Yes, there will be changes in how people socialize in groups, at restaurants, etc.

But for every bad thing that happens something good comes out of it. I hope we no longer deal with China in the magnitude we did before. I hope other countries do the same. Bringing back manufacturing to this country will create jobs and may restore the middle class.

I hope people wake up to the fact throughout this pandemic, the democrats have been no friend to the working person. Globalism is an asinine concept and we should only trade with those who are willing to do so on an even playing field.

It’s time put America and Americans first. It’s fine to help other countries but only after our own backyard is in order.


It’s more than obvious this cannot continue.

They will slow roll it, people will get sick, people will die.

It’s human nature. We humans are going to die. Just as we were all born to live. There will be something that will come along, and we will eventually die from that, too! People die from heart attacks, by drunk drivers, diseases, etc…etc.

The reality of it is, no matter how often we take care of ourselves, nature will take its course. JMO

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One could look at Covid as culling the hard.

Well, true!

Since you brought up Covid-19…let’s just say, for argument sake (and I am not picking a fight with you or anyone here.), but let’s say that if there was technology as we have today was spanned back in 1918, when the Spanish Flu hit over many, many people worldwide…do you think back then, they could have “curbed” it any better? Do you think they would have these lockdowns?

My point is, there is another “big disease” that will come around (again) and we humans will die - probably in huge masses - and no matter what the technology there is out there…or no matter how good the vaccine maybe…we are not immune for it.

With a vaccine fewer people may have died from the Spanish flu but some would still die.

This years flu vaccine was made for the H1N1 flu and was very successful until it mutate to the H3N3 then the vaccine was useless.

Like antibiotics, they need to continually develop new drugs as bacteria become immune to some antibiotics.

I wish they’d begin by allowing small businesses to re-open. I met my barber in the street yesterday and he was almost crying in despair at watching his long-established one-man business on the brink of bankruptcy; he told me that if he sells his car (it’s only a banger and not worth very much) he can just about go another 2 weeks and will then have to officially declare himself insolvent. And as if that isn’t bad enough, he has just bought another house with a bit bigger mortgage. What a fucking nightmare for anyone, especially when there was no need for it, none whatsoever.

Well, Trump has…but it’s still in the works.

We don’t need ‘new drugs’ for the flu, only for the possible complications of it; and even they happen in very few cases, relatively speaking. I’ve had flu 4 times (including this one at the end of last February), and every time I’ve just gone to bed for a day or two to sweat it out.

I hope he hurries up then, because as I just illustrated - only days can be the difference between surviving or going under for the rest of your life.

Some small businesses here have gone belly-up already. For those, they will never come back. And it’s too late for them to even qualify for any loans now. I don’t know the full circumstances why they weren’t able to get a loan. But my guess is, that they were either closing anyways. And didn’t bother to get any loans to stay afloat. Or they maxed out.

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It’s obviously their worst nightmare come true? And all because of a fucking strain of influenza, outbreaks of which in various strains have been happening every year for decades past, and will continue to do so for decades into the future. I mean, are we going to shut down our economies and lock down our societies every time there’s an outbreak of a disease which mostly will get better on its own? It’s just another sign that we (the West) are going mad.