The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades

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This also deserves a dishonorable mention. In 1933, President Roosevelt took the U.S. off the gold standard when he signed the Gold Reserve Act in 1934. This bill made it illegal for the public to possess most forms of gold.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But there was one guy advising FDR to leave the gold standard – an economist, George Warren.
“George Warren had helped him deal with some of his trees on his estate,” he says. “He was an agricultural economist.”

Warren had written a book on dairy farming, and devised a system for getting chickens to lay more eggs.
He told FDR that the country had to leave the gold standard – and Roosevelt took his advice.

Interesting list I mostly agree with.

John Kerry as number one was a surprise.

He is still subverting American interests.

I’m aware of Kerry’s history; but more than that, there is something about him that’s just not right. Not a body language thing, but he does seem to radiate a negative aura. Anyone want to comment?

Excellent! Very outstanding work! I love Jimi Hendrix for his ability on guitar but hard to argue why he is mentioned on this list! He too succumbed to his vices and excesses that saw to his demise!

Just digging around a bit it becomes easier to see why Kerry is pro Iran.

His daughter married an Iranian heritage fellow…How nice.

John Kerry’s service to Soros during his stint as Mr Pay-to-Play under Obama included introducing him at private State Department events and giving special privileges at the highest levels of U.S. Government – a practice unheard of before Obama’s reign of corruption.

The Washington Free Beacon quoted former Bush advisor, Michael Rubin as saying Kerry’s introduction of Soros at private State Department functions was “the diplomatic equivalent of prostitution,” (following Hillary’s lead) and there were handsome rewards.

Soros even found and introduced a nice Iranian-American boy to marry the Kerrys’ daughter and hooked them up with lucrative contracts to pad their secret offshore accounts from insider deals in Iran – the land of the mullahs, which is perhaps America’s worst enemy.

Some have called what Kerry has done since with those contracts (and contacts) treason, but we’ll just call it payback from Uncle George for the purposes of this report.

But as you can see, it has paid off. John Kerry is rich as King Croesus.

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It’s ones opinion…

Not withstanding that your own opinions don’t mean much here, so there is that too! Need a wambulance Monte?

What a biased and completely stupid list. Is this the best that conservative “thought leaders” can come up with? Gotta love the moronic dishonorable mention list too. Jimi Hendrix performed the star-spangled banner at Woodstock to support the troops. Of course, conservative idiots would only associate the drug use of the 1960s with one or two particular musicians - and leave out the plan that our own government had to get black communities addicted.

What a joke.

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Hendrix just succumbed to his personal demons. It happens. We all have our demons. No-one is immune.

Well technically it was the paramedics that killed him by strapping him to a wheel chair and as a result he choked on his own vomit.