That was dumb. Kiev angers Indians

Kiev is persecuting the Orthodox church inside the country, and now is mocking the Hindus. How dumb can you get?

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They are just dumb and are purposely trying to create a stir in a hot caldera

Hello do you mind if I send you a chat to settle a grievance? Thank you jitss

Tell him to blow you, and that he can assassinated his _____ on his own!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Why? I have nothing to discuss with you and no you don’t have my permission. Are you drunk?

I am not sure I understand???

So I have your permission?

I said no. Are you dumb now?

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Come on I can’t post this on the board

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You must be drunk! Sleep it off!

Never-mind! I probably would get in trouble with the FEDS if I went ahead and said it!

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