Thank you, you guys are awesome

You guys are pretty great, and try to understand my ideology. Where I was turned away by my friends for my political ideology, you guys where questioning ( I like questioning people ), and polite. Ive been here for less than three days, and want to be here for 3 years. You guys are an awesome community and while my word ultimately means nothing, I just wanted to say thanks.

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I totally disagree with your “government bad” thing but disagreements with you seem pleasant and enjoyable.
(A few intellectual dwarfs with big foul mouths.)

Thanks. I am a civil Anarchist, unlike my Inferior Contemporaries in Minneapolis, it isnt an Anti Statist thing like I hope. It was Anti Business which I am sick of.

Try to avoid the Hasbara trolls tho


Give it some time…:rofl:


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And the baboons that mindlessly flip you off…:roll_eyes:

I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, although I don’t agree with your political ideology. It’s at least given me some things to think about.


Thanks also, like the Pinochet pfp. Fun fact, as a joke for my friends, I did meme raps, where I made awful rap music, and since modern rappers have lil in theyre names ( Thats how much talent they have ). I called myself Lil Pinochet. I made a song about Anime Traps ( I have only watched a single episode of Dragon ball I am not a weeb ), A Stalin disstrack, etc.

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I very much like the sound of all of this (I’m also an aficionado of ghetto rap names, hence mine).

My name on our previous site was LilGucciGangbang

Mine got deleted unfortunately.

As soon as you started advocating actual murder (not just rhetorical, chest pounding ) on your first thread and shooting and blowing up “politicians” Unabomber style, you went from an immature foolish idealist, to a full on delusional, kook, in the midst of writing a Manifesto.

You would need to learn some things beyond your current repertoire of head-tripping “philosophy,” but you are stuck in that ego-headtrip.

I find it laughable you think I am the kook. Minneapolis, is a shining example of why I am sane. The bandits destroy the business, instead of the Statehouse. The Statehouse punishes a man who defended his property and had to take a life to protect his. Hes on trial for murder with no bail. The State is corrupt, and the Bandits are the tool.

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I think a lot of your stuff is good. The state is the enemy of the people and no one can seem to acknowledge that. I want collapse.

So youre an Anarchist too, and I assume an Anarcho Capitalist?

Threatening to shoot and bomb politicians pre-emptively as you wrote, ala Guy Fawkes, Unabomber etc. is not the way and never will be. And comparing yourself to George Washington, was delusional.

That kind of kook talk hurts the cause of freedom and overcoming evil and not the American way.

Beyond that, your “Hegelian” nonsense is pitiful. You talk like an arrogant kid with a Sophomoric grasp of things.

You have a lot to learn to push your ego-delusion away, but I don’t see you having any true seeking mind to find the real answer. Something evil is guiding you and it is manifested as a dangerous sociopathy.

Really, I hurt freedom, a Sophomoric Rambler, Evil, a Sociopath. I have a high look of myself because of what I built. I am a revolutionaire, because I see what has to happen for a permanently free society, kill the oppressor. Is it evil if I kill a slaver?

Might want to dial back the fed posting.

I am not apart of the federal government. I am an Anarcho Capitalist.

If you don’t know what fed posting is then maybe you should look it up.