Texas RINO Lt. Governor Voices Support for Closing ‘Loophole’ on Private Gun Sales


Private sales are not a loophole.

When you shut those down, you destroy the private market for guns, and cut the value of everyone’s investment down by 2/3.

They did this in New York. That’s the only impact it had… was to take money away from middle class people.

Didn’t stop a damned bit of crime.


These so-called politicians need to smarten up before they start flapping their gums. There is no such thing as a loophole, most don’t know this but private sales do have federal rules governing sales as well as most states I believe.

Read: atf-p-5300-21.pdf (164.8 KB)

Gun laws have never stopped anyone from getting shot nor will they ever.


Because we KNOW criminals will follow this new gun law!

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Ending the private sale of guns is the same thing as creating a national gun registry.

What if I sell my car to someone who plans to emulate a muslim truck of peace?

Shall I not be permitted to sell my car to strangers?

Resistance to turning in our firearms is analogous to the South resisting Lincoln’s tariffs. Lincoln’s tyranny and federal overreach criminalized the South for wanting to secede. Even now, the beginning of criminalizing of gun owners by association with the NRA is beginning. Soon, it will be outright.

History tells us where this is going. As was in Lincoln’s day, the government will concoct a narrative that makes them look righteous and lawful abiding Americans look unrighteous. The government needs to do this to get millions on its side.

Guess it’s time to give Mr. Dan a call. I’ve been a staunch supporter of his and met him twice… that’ll end if he starts this crap.