Texas Man Shot Dead! Self Defense or Murder? You Decide

This sucks anytime this sort of thing happens where children are involved and ex’s in custody battles and visiting rights become a contentious issue. To be honest I am not sure where I am at on this issue due to the details and back ground of the people involved! That being said, I am sure the Marxist lefttards are going to try to spin a narrative for more gun control or gun confiscation altogether. However Kyle Carruth who is the one who shot Chad Read has not been charged and this happened on November 5th. His attorney’s representing him have already filed a self defense claim under Texas Castle Doctrine law to justify his actions. It was Carruth’s house that this tragedy took place when he asked Chad Read to leave. When Chad Read walked towards Carruth in a aggressive manner, Carruth shot two warning shots into the porch. It was when Chad Read tried to grab the gun, that Carruth turned away and fired his shots fatally wounding Read. Like I said, Carruth has not been charged but he still could be at a later time to which he will have to defend his argument in a court of law.

So was it murder or self defense?

Link to more detailed information of the people and what led to this deadly dispute.


This isn’t going to end well for the shooter.

Yeah initially I had similar reaction after viewing the video and thought the optics being as they are paints a picture of premeditation, however when I further look into the details such as Read entering the Carruth’s house prior to look for his children, something that was not caught on video is what precipitated the ensuing arguments to occur. Some argue that Carruth should have just called police, but instead went back inside his house and that is when he grabbed his gun. Under Texas’s Castle Doctrine law gives Carruth a reason to use his means to protect his home with force, now whether what followed such as shooting Read constitutes as such is where I am conflicted.

Yea, I didn’t know the other stuff. I just reacted to what I saw. Knowing what you just told me, I’m still hesitant to say this was self defense. However this goes down, I’m sure the racist card will be inserted, even though once again it was two white guys.

Damn he went down quick. Sometimes you think you have a chance to yell in pain, that shot took everything away.

I push it to the limits with everything I do, So I feel bad for the biological father. But if he tried to break in the house. Idk it’s his son. The man was unarmed, if the shooter admits he’s a pussy and can’t fight a unarmed man over this child dispute, then sure self defense. But damn this is a tough one.
The gun in that situation was provocative. If there was a sentence for pussy award I’d give it to the shooter

I am not sure if the racist card can be played as this isn’t a Democratic district of any kind. Lubbock Texas, Buddy Holly’s home town, can’t exactly be considered a full blown Marxist’s city to which is mostly made up of college and farming as their main industries. That being said, if he hasn’t been charged yet, its likely he probably won’t be unless more media attention is given to put pressure on the DA there. Seeing that this case involves two white guys having a domestic issue, I don’t see media investing time to cover this story, then again the times we are living in says anything is possible.

IMO, you can’t just look at one part of the video (as you said) and make a decision.

Who knows really what went on before this. Perhaps there were previous threats or altercations by Read that lead to Carruth shooting him. :thinking:

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If it happens as described , It would be self-defense . And if it was a white killing a black then we all know he is guilty , guilty, guilty !!! :roll_eyes:

He doesn’t look like he feared anything

Looks like a liberal man in Texas

A liberal man in Texas who owns a gun? Well I guess that is a new one for me.

Libs in rural areas have guns. Even Beto has guns

Ok, well that is probably true, however I have a hard believing that this guy is a lib just because he is smiling at the man he just shot. Such expressions are not necessarily an indicator of what someone maybe thinking or fearing nor of their political persuasion.

They simply hire those with guns and live in gated communities .

I’m convinced this guy wasn’t charged because he’s a liberal, read’s page is full of pro trump stuff.

He is guitly of manslaughter

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That is quite possible, but he is yet to be charged, and if he is and goes to court my guess manslaughter is the most probable outcome if convicted. I really don’t think he can be convicted of murder in the 1st degree.