Texas Court Orders Father to Raise His Son As A Transsexual

This is an utter and complete violation of the father’s 1st Amendment rights. Also, Texas is now OFFICIALLY just as bad as California. Anyone thinking of continuing to live in Texas or move to Texas, expect more of this in the coming months and years.

A Texas father has been legally prohibited from raising his son as a boy because his ex-wife allegedly decided their son is a transgender girl and is preparing him for “chemical castration at age 8” and a future sex-change surgery, which the father may be forced to help pay for.


Why would this happen unless it was not the belief of the elites that chemically induced androgyny and pedophila is their salvation.

So basically the father has no rights…

Woman doing this solely to spite her ex-husband. She’s going to sacrifice her own kid just as a grand “fuck you”.

This is very messed up…

I really hope the father can get a good lawyer, this is clearly insanity, and the judge should be disbarred for issuing this ruling!

IMO, something like this should be deferred to when the child is an adult and can make the decision for himself or herself.

I can completely understand, given circumstances like this, why a parent kidnaps their child and goes on the run.

Yes, she is one evil sack of crap.

A 9 year old kid can’t legally decide to get a tattoo… FOR GOOD FUCKING REASON.

But now he can decide he wants to chop his dick off and a federal judge will enforce the decision?

And half of the country doesn’t see the problem.

The west is fucked.

The kid doesn’t want to chop his dick off. The mother wants to chop the kid’s dick off and the court is letting her do it.

I’d expect this bullshit in California or Canada, but Texas? God help us all.

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The mother’s behavior SHOULD be sufficient evidence for a family court to determine that she is insane and/or attempting to abuse her son and inflict life changing injuries on him.

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