Testing Geospatial Integration on Posts

This is a test of geospatial data tied to posts.

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So what’s this gonna do?

It’s just a test. It’s a feature I’ve been working on for a while. I was planning on rolling it out in January but it is working really well now.

Here’s how it works:

If people decide to add a location to a post, it can help to show trends. For example, if people are posting about issues at the southern border or a skirmish somewhere in the Middle East, the post will drop a pin on our map. The pin will be color-coded to the thread it is posted in. Users can then look at the map via topic, category, or all posts.

The map is located in the hamburger menu now. It can also be accessed here:



This is interesting. It might take a little extra work when starting a thread but if someone could put in the exact lat and long locations it would be helpful. People would be able to see exactly where big and notable events happened. It would also be really useful for trend analysis.

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This is a cool feature but it’s an extra step. It won’t be required to post, will it?


No. It won’t be required. I happen to find geospatial data to be useful and interesting. Many others do too.

This is only the first release. I generally work on things until they are very simple to use.