Terrible news for Democrats in 2020: Census projections showing Electoral College gains for GOP

Democrats will turn state politics blue using illegal immigration but that somehow backfired and resulted in more Electoral College seats for Republicans - guess they didn’t see that coming.

Terrible news for Democrats in 2020: Census projections showing Electoral College gains for GOP

Census projections have bad news for Democrats.

Population estimates show reliably Democratic states, like New York, California, and Illinois will each lose at least one congressional district and representation in the Electoral College. Conversely, states that tend to vote for Republicans—such as Texas, Florida, and Montana—are expected to increase their presence.

“This is looking to benefit Republicans only because of how the landscape has changed,” said Jenna Ellis, senior legal analyst for the Trump 2020 campaign, according to radio station KTRH.

Ellis also noted that Democrats’ anticipated losses is why they mobilized so strongly to oppose the Trump administration’s addition of a citizenship question on the Census.

“They’re not interested in laws,” she said. “They’re not interested in sound reasoning or fair and accurate representation of every American. They are only interested in concentrating their own political power by any means necessary.”…

…when analysts looked at states expected to gain seats, the GOP comes out on top. Three Republican states that went for Trump in 2016—Montana, Arizona, and North Carolina—are likely to pick-up one seat after the Census.

Maybe that is why they were so bent on not only getting rid of the EC but also not allowing the question of citizenship on the next census?

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, America. Your votes don’t matter.

The president of the United States of America is voted in by the electoral college.

The electoral college was created to alleviate the pressure us voters feel when it’s time to elect the president. It was deemed that the popular vote would be too irrational, too subjective to be wise. Since letting congress vote for the president would mean that our voices wouldn’t be heard at all, the electoral college was created to vote on our behalf.

They’re elected officials, elected by us, but do you remember voting for them? I don’t. Did you know that they can be bought and sold, and each member represents millions of votes, but there’s no rule that says they have to vote any direction but the way they wish.


I normally don’t watch Adam Green, but I happened to put this on a last night, and I think it’s worth watching…as it relates to the Electoral College and the upcoming 2020 election. All of the most important information is in the first ten minutes or so if you don’t want to sit through the entire show - just listen to that.

It’s basically mainstream media reporting that Mossad now has full control over the systems which control US Elections…

In a nutshell - Unit 8200 of the Mossad is working through the CIA and the Pentagon.

Professional Israeli hackers who have all sorts of incestuous ties with Chabad Lubavich, Lockheed Martin, PNAC, etc…The same group who engineered STUXNET, basically…

That is who is now in control of our elections fellas…and free of charge too, because they are just that nice and concerned about us goys!

I also just heard that this same group ran a simulation in the year 2000 about planes striking the Twin Towers in New York. Enjoy.

This is a really interesting but older article on the Electoral College and how the numbers work for a candidate to win the election with just 21.8% of the popular vote:

The Electoral College is a winner take all system. If a candidate wins the popular vote of a state by a just a single vote, they generally receive all the electoral votes of that state (excluding Maine and Nebraska). Combine this with the fact that smaller states receive more electoral votes per person than larger states, and it becomes possible to win the presidency by winning just 21.8% of the American public’s vote.

According to a study done by Jesse Ruderman, “A presidential candidate could be elected with as a little as 21.8% of the popular vote by getting just over 50% of the votes in DC and each of 39 small states. This is true even when everyone votes and there are only two candidates. In other words, a candidate could lose with 78.2% of the popular vote by getting just under 50% in small states and 100% in large states.”

The reason that winning the 39 smallest states by a slight margin and outright losing the larger states results in winning the presidency with the lowest possible percentage of the popular vote, is because a candidate can win the votes of the fewest amount of people, yet reap the greatest reward by receiving more electoral votes than the state of those people should reasonably be given.

We saw this happen on a smaller scale in the 2000 election. Al Gore won 48.4% of the popular vote, trumping the 47.9% that George W. Bush garnered. However in the Electoral College, Gore received 266 votes while Bush received 271.

We must ask ourselves if we want a voting system that allows a President to be elected into office when less than ¼ of our nation voted for him or her. Or even if we want a voting process that allows a President to be elected when another candidate received just .5% more of the national popular vote, which actually happened just 16 years ago. In both cases, the collective demand of the American people is being denied.


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If States totaling 270 Electoral votes enter into a compact, and all pass the same law requiring their electors to cast their votes for the winner of the popular vote, voila. Buh-bye electoral college (as we know it).

States can award their electors however they see fit. This is why Nebraska and Maine are able to apportion theirs based on the statewide results, and on individual congressional districts. That was a decision each state made on its own. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is simply another means of each state awarding its electoral college votes.

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Ok, that’s just plain funny.

If however dem’s manage to win the WH and control of even one house get ready for open borders and amnesty to cure this “travesty”.

We already have that.

Blue-state migrants to recently red states have nudged the politics of their new states leftward, and after the 2020 Census, they may also move newly redrawn congressional districts leftward.

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Exactly, the borders have been porous my entire life. And Reagan signed the first amnesty bill…


And Obama flooded our Country with illegals and weapons to boot ! :roll_eyes:

No we don’t, not even close. If we did we’d be seeing upwards of 10 million people rushing to the US annually.

It took a while to work out in the courts but Trump finally managed to get reasonable control over the southern border.

Since the policy of keeping asylum seekers in MX until their cases come up for review the flood has been cut to a trickle.

If republicans get control of both houses and keep the WH get ready to see massive immigration reforms, expansion of the immigration courts, and a dramatic increase in numbers of ICE agents for interior enforcement along with “The Wall” building kicking into overdrive.

Democrats are upside down on border and immigration issues and it’s going to cost them badly at the polls in November.