Term Limits...a Brilliant Idea

Many have long thought that we should have term limits in the US government. We already do when it comes to Presidents…two elected terms and you’re out.

We the people want, need and must demand term limits for Congress, the people that craft our laws and have crafted for themselves a perpetual power platform from which to vote themselves and their friends all the perks and opportunities to become rich they can.

This guy has got it right. We the people need to DEMAND term limits.

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Congress will never fix itself. The Founders knew this might happen, so they gave us a solution.

We need an Article V convention of the states.

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That’s right. They just took a 45 day paid vacation and had all of their travel expenses covered by the taxpayers. They will never show restraint.

Wehave term limits, its called reelection. With the power of earmarks, the Reps and Sens bribe the voters for reelection. Some newspapers publish a summary of weekly voting on " major" bills by local Reps and Sens which few people besides myself read.
We gave to eliminate all PAC and Lobbyist money( Fat Chance) and actually campaign in town squares on soap boxes, not 100 dollar a plate rubber chicken dinners. Let them EARN another term in office.

There should be a specific number of years that a person can serve in the Congress. I think twenty is plenty…total number of years in the House, Senate or a combination of both.

After that, let them seek employment in the private sector…with no government pension, no golden parachute, no free security detail, no extended security clearances. Just serve the nation and get the hell out.

I totally agree and have advocated for this for many years along with having a flat tax. Terms limits is something our founding fathers got wrong, and is debatable whether it was intended seeing that they themselves couldn’t let go of power so easily! ( see Adams) Terms limits makes it so the public servant to the people returns ending the career politician from raiding the coffers! I say three terms for congress and the Senate as being the limit!

It is a quandry for sure.

On one hand, term limits take care of themselves when people vote. However, that assumes educated and informed voters who care more about upholding the Constitution then changing it.

That is not the case anymore.

I agree with a max of three terms…

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3 terms for Congress and one term for the Senate. Twelve years is too fucking long.

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I would say Two for the Senate as that is equal to 12, the same for congress.

2 terms is more than enough especially in the Senate with 6 year stints.

Perhaps ending their pension plans and healthcare forever would be an incentive to get them out.

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3 for congress and 2 for the senate = 12. Thats a good number to shoot for, and no compromise!

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And no retirement nor forever healthcare benefits.

Term limits is a great idea but the real problem facing the citizenry is government corruption unchecked…term limits won’t matter if “government” corruption is not addressed.