Teens found a Maserati with the keys inside. Then Tragedy Struck!

Essentially just as the title suggests, some teens in Florida found an unlocked Maserati with the Keys inside and decided to take it for a joy ride. When they realized they were being chased by the police, they decided to accelerate up to speeds of over 100 miles per hour the point of eventually losing control of the vehicle altogether.

The pics of the car crash are brutal where one of the teenagers died while the other two were flown to a nearby hospital and is reported to be in critical condition. Apparently they thought they were playing in GTA and that no one would get hurt. They thought wrong.

I also think these teens had no prior experience driving an exotic car like a Maserati and probably contributed to them ultimately losing control of the auto. I hope the owner had insurance because his car was totaled.

This is the actual police helicopter footage in infrared of the teenagers and the car leading up to the crash.