Teens beat up young mother, kick toddler in the face in extremely disturbing video

Teens beat up young mother, kick toddler in the face in extremely disturbing video

A disturbing video being widely circulated on the internet shows a group of alleged teens assaulting a young woman and even kicking her toddler in the face outside an apartment complex in Brooklyn, Illinois.In the video, two girls can be seen punching … Read more

Where I live, it would have turned into Black Lives Spatter.

AND they tell us BLACK LIES MATTER . :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

This is what they do to themselves. Who cares. They deserve whatever they create, which is absolutely nothing…apparently.

Not to worry, reparations are coming to a town near you.

I used to like visiting Asheville. Won’t be going back there any time soon.

I’ve stopped caring what these future doctors, engineers, and architects do to one another. I’ve been told to care about them so much that I no longer give a shit at all.

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In another 12 - 15 years that toddler will be doing the same thing.

Sure thing. According to your stance, the toddler deserved it, too.

How anyone could think like that is beyond me.

It’s not our problem. It’s their problem.

I take issue with a toddler being stomped.

They missed aborting the toddler so they stomped him.

I take issue with the countless white victims of black crime that never get any attention in the media.

I take issue with that as well.

I take issue with all the TV acting…when conservatives feign outrage at pro-white activism.

They listen to “kill whitey” all day with a smile on their face.

But when a “white lives matter” sign shows up they get up and shout DISGUSTING!

Yeah, problem is when another generation of criminals is raised, it becomes OUR problem.