Teen Vogue is now pushing Karl Marx on your teen daughters

But that won’t stop today’s left from pushing this godless doctrine on the masses once again. In fact real energy behind the Democrat Party today is its Socialist wing.

Are you really that surprised…idiots never learn until hey have ot live it jus like the tards in nSeattle.

By the looks of things it appears that they have been pushing this doctrine for quite some time. How else can anyone explain the current societal conditions that we see without making me clear connection to the ideas of Karl Marx.

100 million dead is very modest.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said Bolsheviks who were mostly ■■■■ killed 66 million Christians.
Mao’s China killed 100 million.
Add a few million here and there, like Khmer Rouge Cambodia.
Not to mention the wars Marxism has caused in Korea, Vietnam, Latin America and various banana republics in Africa.

WWII was actually a war against Marxism.
That’s why General Patton said “We defeated the wrong enemy” in 1945.

Dam they are doing this tooo omfg!!!