Teen Arrested After Child Thrown From 10th Floor Balcony at London's Tate Modern Gallery

Any bets that he was “17” for rapefugee status, with a full beard and receding hairline?

A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a boy was thrown from the 10th floor at the Tate Modern gallery in central London on Sunday, the city’s Metropolitan Police said.

The 6-year-old was found badly injured on a fifth-floor roof and was taken to a hospital by a helicopter, police said.

Officers initially said the boy was in critical condition. In an update on Monday, they said he was in “critical but stable condition.” They added the boy’s family was being supported by police.

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The bystanders should have thrown him off a balcony.

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If they had they would now be behind bars for murder or attempted murder.

Not even close to the right answer.

quote Any bets that he was “17” for rapefugee status, with a full beard and receding hairline? unquote

Do you know - that explains something I’ve been wondering for ages, viz. why the BBC has suddenly started referring to seventeen-year-olds as ‘boys’ when boyhood used to end when the teenage years begin? I’ve even heard the BBC call someone a boy who turned out to be 19. Now I need wonder no longer - thanks.

Teenagers have been referred to as “boys and girls” as long as I’ve been alive.

Somewhere towards the end of the teen years they also tend to get referred to as “Young Men” but I’ve never seen any hard and fast rule to that effect.

I guess you’re in the USA, but it’s different here; a kid turns to 13 and becomes a youth. If someone had called me a boy when I was 15+ I’d have taken strong exception to it. Not worth getting into an argument about though.