Ted Lieu is Probably the Greatest Liar in US History

I wonder if this guy has the nerve to show his face again on national TV after being eviscerated by Candace Owen. Over 6 million views on C-Span Twitter watched the Ted Lieu beat-down setting an all time record. That that sink in for a moment. Judging from this clip, there is no doubt in my mind that this guy is a total slime sleeze bag!


Candace Owens is a strange character. She was an SJW that released a website that worked for doxing conservatives and the like. But then, overnight, she changed and became conservative herself, and very strongly and she adopted the nickname “RedPillBlack”. Whatever use she can provide to the right should be welcomed; but keep an eye on her. Overnight change is suspicious.

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Well you may be right but, Candice Owens did more for Conservatives in a single day than what conservatives could do in the last 16 years and that is stand up and tell the truth about the Democratic party. My main focus of this thread is to point out what a lying POS Ted Lieu is.

Some people see the light…some don’t…because they’re blinded by liberal idiocy.

…and speaking of changing stances, many liberals supported building a wall on out southern border…before Trump called for it…then they changed their feeble minds…for political reasons not based upon logic and cognizance of reality.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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People aren’t falling for it anymore. Guys like Ted Lieu better enjoy it while they can. The next generational waves of voters aren’t going to tolerate that kind of horseshit. The internet never forgets and the voter base that competently uses the internet on a daily basis is rapidly expanding.

Ted Lieu leads the charge when it comes to TSD in the MSM. Not only that but the guy is a complete idiot for having said he would love to regulate free speech and defending Google’s blatant violations. The guy pretty much destroyed his own credibility exacerbated by Candice Owen’s calling his dishonesty out which is now on congressional record!