Ted Cruz Slams DEA Administrator Anne Milgram on Fentanyl Crisis

Senator Ted Cruz blasted DEA Administrator Anne Milgram today at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the fentanyl crisis for relying heavily on Democrat talking points and refusing to answer questions.

Milgram refused to answer questions about the impact of the open border on the fentanyl crisis plaguing the US. Milgram also refused to directly answer Senator Cruz’s question about whether it was a good or bad thing that the cartels are now making billions more dollars under the Biden Administration. Milgram also appeared to have absolutely no knowledge of drugs flowing across the wide open southern border, despite being presented with facts to the contrary by Senator Cruz, obtained via NYT reporting.

That’s nothing but political theater and grandstanding. Not surprising coming from Ted Cruz. It’s a real shame that he is trying to blame people seeking asylum in our country as being one of the major contributors to the fentanyl epidemic. We know that the majority of fentanyl is coming into the US through our ports of entry, it’s not being moved by asylum seekers over the southern border.

But that is a distraction.

This plague of addiction has done irreparable harm to millions of Americans and it is actually an ugly byproduct of our for-profit healthcare system. We need to decouple financial incentives from healthcare completely to stop the opioid addiction where it starts, in the doctor’s office. These pill pushers started this crisis and no matter how many doctors act honorably within the system we have, it is plainly being gamed by the dishonest to the detriment of American families. As long as a profit can be turned, the human cost will be ignored by both drug cartels and the pharmaceutical industry. Both are equally guilty.

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