Taxpayers will have to pay for transgender sex change surgery

A $55,000,000,000 Medicaid bill will soon get even larger ! Not to worry taxpayer will just have to WORK more overtime or get a second job . Money grows on trees in dem States .

Gov. Cuomo approved a new policy Tuesday night allowing impoverished transgender New Yorkers to bill taxpayers for sex-change surgery.

The Cuomo administration issued new rules requiring New York’s highest-in-the-nation $55 BILLION Medicaid program — the government health-insurance program for the needy — to foot the bill for “gender reassignment” operations.

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For young couples trying to start a family, fertility treatments are completely off the table…even with most major health insurance companies. But, want to get your manhood chopped off so you can wear dresses and prance around like a deranged little ■■■■■■ - that’s fine. We will even subsidize it.


What the article doesn’t say is the Federal Government foots the bulk of the bill.

ACA medicaid is 90% Federal Government funds. Non ACA is 60% of Federal Money. What they also do not say is most standard medicaid has been converted to ACA medicaid.

Medicaid accounts for 11% of Federal Government spending.

4 trillion in spending is 400 Billion a year for medicaid.


So poor kids must compete with the sexually confused for the same funding?? Its no wonder folks think government has gone bonkers as well as being a bunch of big spenders with taxpayer money…it’s a crying shame.


The left never ceases to amaze me , they whine about building a wall, A fucking wall Democrats voted for decades and they think its too expensive but they want to fund transgendered sex change surgery

And you wonder why the world is laughing at us at times?



The new law also includes this provision: “All children in foster care, as well as former foster youth up to 26 years of age, are entitled to Medi-Cal coverage without cost share or income or resource limits. The Medi-Cal program provides transition-related.

In another Pediatrics report, a Texas doctor says he’s also provided sex-changing treatment to an increasing number of children; so has a clinic at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where the 8-year-old is a patient.

CHICAGO - A small but growing number of teens and even younger children who think they were born the wrong sex are getting support from parents and from doctors who give them sex-changing treatments.

Tell me liberal dems haven’t lost the f-ing minds !!!


By the time that people reach a point that they can compromise the Scriptural truth on homosexuality, as plainly stated as it is, they’ve already slouched their way, compromise by compromise, into refusing to retain the knowledge of the Lord.

It’s like a canary in the coal mine: once the canary gets sick or dies the miners SHOULD get out ASAP. But with modern progressivism they merrily keep on pressing deeper to where the air is even worse.


Im at a loss for words right now, the left has completely lost its mind

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Vote for me. I will do the surgery for free. I still have all my plumbing tools. Hey, plumbing is plumbing, correct?


I have to say, its going to be sort of gratifying to see all these progressives faces when little their precious sons start taking it in the ass because they made it socially acceptable.

Don’t sow what you don’t want to reap.

Had I known this I wouldn’t have watched a effing thing he has said about covid 19. Such a tool

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