TAKEOVER! Thousands Of Shia Muslims March Down The Streets In Dearborn, Michigan


This needs to be nipped in the bud before it grows into a bigger problem. Wouldn’t you agree? From what I understand refugees are only supposed to be allowed to stay for as long as things are bad in their country of origin. It’s time for them all to go back. They are in Maine now too, and growing.

Your link gave absolutely no explanation for the march and to claim it is a “takeover” is disingenuous.

These people are commemorating someone important in their religion and they reject tyrants.

This is their annual march.

I’d rather see that than this:


Pumping their clenched fists, the crowd in a Dearborn park chanted Sunday in support of the grandson of Islam’s prophet, Imam Hussain: “Labayka ya Hussain,” they declared in Arabic, which means “We’re with you, oh Hussain.”

The scene inside Ford Woods Park was part of a procession and gathering for Shia Muslims during a holy season known as Ashura, which refers to the 10th day of the first month of the Islamic calendar. During the first 10 days of a 40-day mourning period taking place now, many Shias gather to remember the battles of Imam Hussain, who was killed on Ashura while fighting forces with the Islamic ruler Yazid in the 7th Century in what is now the country of Iraq.

Participants and speakers at the rally said the message resonates today in battles against modern-day tyrants and terrorists. ISIS and other extremist groups were strongly condemned at Sunday’s rally.

Kassem Elhawli, 50, of Dearborn, said “we learned lessons from” Imam Hussain. “We stand against any tyrants in the whole world.”

Sunday’s event was the 4th annual one organized by the Ashura Project, a Dearborn-based group that promotes the holy day. A similar procession in Dearborn by Shias that’s scheduled to be held in about 40 days, on a day they call Arbaeen, to commemorate the end of the mourning period has taken place annually in Dearborn since 2004.

I didn’t give a reason for their march because I don’t care what the reason is for their march. Click through the link and read the text. It’s not marching for a cause that bothers me but the lock step fashion they do it in. This is not American culture. There is nothing American about this. They are all dressed in uniforms like soldiers marching down the street.

It IS a takeover. The have all grouped together and now completely dominate this part of the country. This is not what America is supposed to be. We are not a balkanized nation of different cultures. We are one culture with many different EUROPEAN influences.

These people are not here to assimilate and they need to go.

And you give us a false choice, “I’d rather see that than this”. I’d rather see neither. And you prove my point because there is no difference between these marches. Both have the potential for violence based on ideology.

I’m not a happy camper with the amount of muslims in this country and I sure as hell don’t like them in government or congress.

However, they exist in this country. There is nothing you or I can do about that.

This was a religious march that was peaceful. When ANTIFA comes out, the expectation is there will be violence or that they will try to provoke violence.

Looking at the historical background of the Ashura procession, it goes back to warring between factions in the 7th Century. Different Caliphs vying for power and the “martyring,” of Muhammed’s grandson by a Syrian Caliph. It was not directly part of the Shia/Sunni splits and schisms, but it is commemorating the martyring at the “Battle of Karbala.”

I think we want Muslims in the USA to truly assimilate and become America First Patriots. Other groups migrating to the USA are not necessarily putting undue focus on their older cultural backgrounds and histories while putting their older cultural things first. In USA we put AMERICA first and cultural ties secondary or minor commemorations.

Calling this a “religious” day might be pushing it, because it was essentially a political and foreign cultural event.

The word “Ashura,” actually refers to far more ancient wars in Pershia/Iran and India during vedic times. It comes from the name of a deity/demon representing an Anger demon.

If at the source essence of the religious basis of legend/event involves a underlying fanatic meaning where the worship include a world-conquering faith…or “destiny” of world -wide victory and overcoming all other cultures, through battle or force, then it is not putting America first. This has to be strict to protect America.

If for instance, Japanese immigrants still believed in the Ancient Shinto where Amaterasu O-Mikami was “destined to rule the world.” as the Japanese militarists before and during WW2, preached, then that would be putting ancient wars and cultural fanaticism first- intending to be world conquest. Obviously Japanese Americans today are quite capable of putting America first.

Many countries and cultures have histories of Violent fanaticism of one kind or another. One can put their spiritual belief first, such as putting God, Christ or Buddha first in their faith and practice, but recognize Freedom of Religion as established in this country should be incorporated into all faiths to begin with. If religious refutations is used, it has to remain in the sphere of civil discourse. Any subversion of the USA by foreign, fanatics needs to be prevented.

“Freedom of Religion,” does not mean freedom to overthrow America.

Many Americans see our land to have a sacred meaning that transcends various cultural beliefs. We can generalize the meaning of Religion, rather than adhere to outside, political, or cultural aspects

Yes, there is. Most who are here are refugees which means we can send them home. We can do whatever we want to. This is our country. What you just said is completely defeatist and I do not accept it.

Like I already said, I don’t care what this event was for, I care about how it is conducted, which is as an invading army marching in lockstep with the goal of domination.

Even the antifa idiots get to wear what they want. And Antifa are free to leave that movement whenever they want to. Not so with Islam. You can’t just leave.

Watch this short video here: https://breakthematrix.com/the-horrific-muslim-infiltration-of-a-british-town-british-police-and-non-islamic-law-can-go-to-hell/

This is what happens when Muslim numbers grow. Shouting “British Police go to hell!” in the streets and saying they will only obey Sharia law. What more proof do we need to recognize the danger these people are to us and to our children?

Yes, and we can’t bring fanatic Islam, into America through any kind of immigration.

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They aren’t doing anything many American groups have been doing since the founding.

I’m not in any way supportive of Shia Islam but this is not a takeover and they have every right to have such a parade.

As for sending the refugees back most of them are Somalis and Somalia is still a “shithole country” torn by struggles between different groups of pirates, warlords, bandits, and terrorist groups.

Under our constitution and system of laws unless they commit serious violent felonies we can’t send them back and their kids born here become citizens at birth which all but eliminates the possibility of them ever being sent back.

There’s a reason for the term “anchor baby”.

Within the confines of the laws that exist.

Yes, we can make and pass laws. However, many are here in spite of strict immigration laws.

What I said is not defeatist. What I said reflects the current laws not wishful thinking.

And, we can’t follow in the footsteps of Europe’s apparent wish for dominations.

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Quite so.

I’m not supportive of it either. Quite the contrary. However, this was not a “takeover” and they do have the right no matter how much “we” may disagree with what they stand for.

I think it is true that there ARE radical Islamic factions who DO seek to overthrow America and institute Sharia law. There are others that are people of Islam who wanted to escape from control by fanatics. We have to know the difference.

“Foreign allegiance” with Foreign enemies is already against the law.

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More importantly within the confines of our constitution. Laws are relatively easy to change, The Constitution is not.

You have no basis whatsoever for that claim.

We accept about 100,000 refugees annually.

We accept about 1.2 million legal immigrants.

For decades we’ve averaged north of 7,000,000 illegal immigrants as well annually.

The law does not allow us to simply kick out legal immigrants or refugees on a whim and the 14th Amendment and equal protections clause specifically prevent us from doing so.

Those are facts. Regardless if you like them or not.

I’d really like to see merit based immigration to this country. You have to prove you will be a net asset, not a drag on our resources.

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That and/or a stringent and en forcible requirement that you have a sponsor who signs a contract to be responsible for you once you enter.

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