T T - Tyrant Twitter 👹

Don’t expect Propaganda to be LABELED or there to be a “WARNING” box with disclaimers, nor for each transgression to fit a label. If it must need a title in a category then certainly by now someone would have already been enlightened, perhaps a mental FLASH, that propaganda is as fairly categorized Political Science, as is BULL SHIT although not all Political Science nor all BS is directly interchangeable. When Twitter shadowbans us we identify and categorize correctly and may blurt out, “BS,” but never, “PS,” i.e. Political Science.
The only thing that’s true about Twitter’s latest policy is that they are interfering & manipulating. After taking the time to wade thru the BS I soon saw that the rules are more decorations for caprice couched in political agenda and attitude.
Not all PS is BS but before removing any Civics, labeling it “Science” was already a stretch. In the END it’s BS with the more honest label.

The programs of the leftists, i.e., political correctness, socialism, hating White males, coddling Islam, hating Christian values, embracing homosexuality, epidemic broken marriages and families no borders, anti-gun, anti-military, anti-Constitution, any time abortion, all spell perceived victory to Leftists attracted to PS like fish attracted to a shiny object. The soon to be realized victor will be NWO Communists and military police from some other country applying a rifle butt to your head and boots kicking your child’s ribs in.

It is an agenda.
White genocide, communism (aka socialism, liberalism, political correctness), atheism, chemtrails, weather modification, destruction of nation states… toward the New World Order.

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