Syrian man who circumcised 9 boys with SOLDERING GUN in Sweden gets suspended

OMG! I thought I had heard it all! But now I think Sweden should invite the entire Islamic community to come on over!

He was performing it on other Muslims and he was paid by Muslims to do it. What’s the problem?

This is what Sweden wants. They are desperate to throw Western civilization in the trash and be ruled over by people who couldn’t develop a functioning society.

The US will be right behind them.

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It is ILLEGAL under their law !!!WTF is hard to understand!!! Obviously if you want to be a criminal, Sweden is the place to go. Wow he could have faced 8 months in prison. Real TOUGH!!! The soldering gun should have been used as an anal SUPPOSITORY.


Import third world people and get third world problems.

If Trump looses court challenges and the wall comes down, we’ll be in a WORLD OF EXCREMENT!!!