Sweden Out of COntrol!


Can anyone explain to me why Sweden seems to be helpless concerning migrant criminals?

I can - it’s because the problem is now so endemic they’ve lost control of events - and they don’t have enough prison spaces even if they could control events. Sweden will never been ‘Sweden’ ever again.

Are Swedes allowed to arm themselves? This is how it works where I come from; you assault me or try to break into my home, I shoot you. See, easy. The people in my neighborhood look out for each other. Always have; and the people are armed to the teeth.

Their elected officials are too weak to state what the real cause of Sweden’s troubles are - the low-IQ, uneducated, inbred, unemployable, West-hating Muslims who love raping infidel women and children and destroying everything they touch.

Because in modern Sweden you could set a Swede on fire in the middle of the street and they would spend 5 years investigating and trying to figure out how to blame it on the patriarchy.

I find it ironic that a country whose ancestors were feared invading warriors of other countries have now allowed the same to happen to them! That white guilt thing is a real disease disguised under the veil of a altruistic false premise of humanity!

Nobody can deny that wherever there are Muslims, there’s trouble. I think it’s because of their point blank refusal to integrate into their host countries, and the indigenous populations (except those like Sweden and Germany) bitterly resent the challenge to their own cultures, and furthermore see it as an insult to their hospitality, which of course is precisely what it is?

They have a society adapted to the problems that they had without the Muslims who apparently aren’t in the mood to change for the society taking them in, not the problems that they have with them.