Sweden Never Ending Violence!

This is incredible! How can there be so much personal crime in Sweden. Being the devil´s advocate are these Swedish crimes being disproportionally reported as compared to normal Swedes. See some more!




You are what you import ! One day they will wake the fuck up .

And what else goes on which doesn’t get to the front pages? And there are future generations as well that’ll want to go to Sweden. And they’re coming across the English Channel by the boatload every time it’s calm. And sometimes they don’t even have to come all the way, because the Royal Navy picks them up and delivers them safely to Dover. 'Those whom the gods wish to destroy . . . ’ and all that?

here’s another one:

At some point it’s reasonable to assume that the swedes are going to wake up from their diversity nightmare and come to their senses, right? If they don’t then this is what they have to look forward to on an hourly basis for the rest of their lives up until none of them are left.

It’s too late for the Swedes ‘to wake up’ - they should never have been ‘asleep’ in the first place, with their fucking ‘Refugees are welcome here’ banners. If Sweden hadn’t been a feminized country it wouldn’t have been allowed, but as things are now? Sweden will never be ‘Sweden’ ever again.