Sweden Has an Explosion Problem

It’s become apparent that the Swedish government won’t fix this. I do hope that it gets so bad that it makes headlines everywhere. It’s a good negative example for the rest of the world.

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Decent price to pay given that Swedish men won’t even protect their own women.

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If a Swedish man tried to protect a Swedish woman from rape, and uses violence to help her, he would get convicted for that violence, and the rapist would go free. So, it’s not that simple as Swedish men won’t protect their women. Swedish men protect themselves from screwed up laws.

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Yet somehow the people who make the screwed up laws keep winning elections.

When people act like they’re under a strong delusion should we be surprised to find when all is said and done the at least some were?

Sweden has been having and explosion problem for the past few years. Eventually the Swedes will get tired of this shit and they will riot. It’s gonna happen.

If they riot the jihadists will move in in force to quell it. Sweden will never be ‘Sweden’ again, thanks to the female demographic.

No! Thanks to anti-guns cucks like you!

DOH! Who woke him up? He was obviously dreaming about guns.

Ha! You obviously are too cucked too see the irony here! You OK with letting your women being raped?

What makes you think that??

Do you read? Apparently not!

Sweden has more than an explosion problem, if you know what I mean :rofl:

And at the risk of repeating myself . . .


It’d be funny were it not so tragic for a beautiful country. Still, ‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy . . .’ ?

Why do you keep asking that question? You asked me the same thing twice. Of course we read ffs!

Sweden is an entirely feminist country, which is why it’s on the verge of extinction right now.

They first make like disco…