SWEDEN AGAIN! Never Ending Story!


I think that Sweden really has hit rock bottom.

Hey! Chicago on a normal day!

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If that represents rock bottom, then what does the level of violence, mass shooting murders and daily murders in the US represent?

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The United States has a very long history of violent crimes. Sweden has not.

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Funny, rock bottom rhymes with Stockholm.

Like a mayor from DC said decades ago, apart from murder, DC is one of the safest cities in the US. Right.

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per capita Sweden is much more violent than America Sweden has a population of under 10 million

So the US hit rock bottom a very long time ago.

This is what happens when a country and the EU in general are run by feelings. It is completely irrational to take in millions of welfare tourists just because they call themselves refugees. In fact, if refugees are coming THIS far from their war zone, only children below the age of 15 should be accepted maybe along with their mothers. And no policy of allowing families to reunite in large numbers once the anchor is wedged in the new country. A policy like this would mean only people in genuine need of help would come instead of able-bodied men who can afford to spend thousands of Euros to get smuggled into Europe just to leach off the welfare system. The whole point of the welfare system in a social democractic system was and should be to provide a safety net to the native populations.

The European Union went full retard, and as a result multiple European countries will burn in the coming years. This is the fault of European politicians and they should pay the price.


The US, UK and the EU all went full retard when they jointly engaged policies that removed the people that largely kept a lid on this to begin with, creating power vacuums, exploited by radical Islam, further destabilizing the ME region leading to a global refugee crisis and a flood of people exiting the fighting and instability that exists.

… before breakfast on a bad day.

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Bits of it, yeah.

There’s this one line in the hastily put together promo for Cleveland where you shouldn’t stop in East Cleveland or you will die. I had to look that one up when I first came across it. As it happened that very week they were organizing a search of unoccupied or abandoned buildings because they’d found more bodies in one building recently.

And the video’s concluding verse is “At least we’re not Detroit… We’re not Detroit!”

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Funny then that most refugees cross the Med from Africa on rubber dinghies.

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Very true, these places were screwed up long before we got there. I love how people want to point the finger at us, as if we went and screwed them up. We went there BECAUSE they were screwed up and now we want to bring the same people here, hoping they’ll do something different because the scenery changed.

A snake is a snake and it doesn’t matter if you call him fluffy and let him sleep in your bed, he’ll bite you just the same. Some people just can’t figure that out for some reason. I’ve spent enough time there to understand the ones worth helping are the ones that follow the rules and immigrate legally. They’re not the ones expecting you to feed them and house them because you were forced to bomb the shit out of them because they keep screwing with the west.

I have to believe that like destructive guests, eventually the adults will man the hell up and throw their asses out. When you have a guest over that puts holes in your drywall and shits on the floor, how long until you grab them by the nuts and toss them outside?

Kaddafi (I never learned to spell his name) said, when I’m gone, Europe will be filled with Africans.
Sadly it came true, because he knew things average Europeans didn’t know.

Besides, he was not such a monster the ■■■■■■ media would have you believe.

No, what’s funny is that you recently posted that the US’s war in Iraq participated in this problem.

Neverminding that rubber dinghy’s is not the common mode of transportation.

I would like to think that you know that the US, UK and France broke Libya and that many resulting refugees are fleeing there for Europe as a result.

For every 1 Libyan fleeing to Europe there are probably 300 from other countries in the region, plus Africans who are only passing through Libya.

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Umm, Iraq is in the other direction to Africa. There are a lot of Somalians, all young men. Poor refugees, so desperate to get to the UK (France and all the other safe countries won’t do) they have to leave women and children behind to get bombed by the big bad Yanks! Nothing whatsoever to do with all the free stuff and money they think they will get here!

And still contributed to the overall global refugee crisis that’s got everybody excited.