Suspect ID’d in fatal sledgehammer attack in Las Vegas

Usually, these “random” attacks have some things in common, it’s almost always a white victim and a black perpetrator.

A 36-year-old man is in custody after a woman was bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer in what Las Vegas police said was a random attack at a laundromat early Thursday.

Clinton Taylor was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on one count of murder with a deadly weapon, jail records show.

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We need common sense sledgehammer laws NOW!

As they crack down on our gun rights, I am actually enjoying these articles on the creative ways that Americans are coming up with, when taking their perceived enemies out!

Just apply Justice evenly and fairly, and hang all human predators. That’s rapists in there, too. Flog and pillory petty criminals. Shame them with signs around their necks and pelt them with rotten fruit. This is a bi-product of living in large cities. Jefferson warned us.

A real shame the woman wasn’t armed with a gun. She wasn’t able to fight off a bigger opponent with a sledgehammer. This is why you should support the 2nd amendment.


Nothing rights an inequality in physics like a gun.

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Home depot will have to perform extensive background checks for sledgehammers and the government will have establish a national data base.
I bet he had a prior record of crimes.

I’ve been saying that for years; but no on ever listens to me.

I AM NEVER EVER UNARMED. I may not know the law, but I damn well know what I like. I would rather end up in court, than end up in the morgue.

There needs to be red flag laws on construction equipment. We need to ensure assault sledgehammers don’t get in the hands of criminals.

Wtf, when has that happened???

Why would you think that could happen with sledgehammers when it can’t even be accomplished with firearms?

As they crack down on our gun rights,

Well DUH !!! SMH :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
" The new year has brought new restrictions and regulations in several states, with some going into effect on New Year’s Day and others scheduled to take force midway through 2019. Many of the laws enact versions of policies that were in the 100-plus gun control proposals that have failed in Congress over the past few years."

Nobody’s cracking down on your gun rights. There have always been restrictions, and before the NRA went bat shit crazy, they supported them.

It will always be effortless to locate & obtain an illegal sledgehammer. Or a rock or a length of pipe or an ax or, well, you see my point.

Fucking hell, what a way to go?

All moot. A zillion laws or no laws; it will always be effortless to locate a firearm & ammunition ( legally or illegally ). Evil will always find a way. The Bath Bombing; no firearms involved.