Surprisingly Good Video by a 15 Year Old Conservative on the Second Amendment

It’s a little kid, lol. But I was honestly surprised how good the material is.

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I am suspicious of any 15 Year old spouting politics regardless if they are left and right.

Plenty of time for politics as an adult. Be a kid and do kid stuff.

And they’re always liberal flakes . . . until they mature and see how dangerous liberalism is; then they either disappear into the woodwork refusing to believe they could possibly have been wrong lol, or they use their brain and convert to the right. Females are mostly the same except they never convert at all. :roll_eyes:

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15 years old is only 3 years removed from the legal voting age. So becoming informed early is a good start to what they will be dealing with for they are the future generation.

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I won’t listen to anything that this child has to say for the same reason that I won’t listen to anything that Greta Thunberg has to say. They are children and their opinions are irrelevant, even if they are correct.

Less than one minute read time and shilling a video should be a bannable offense.


Parents who try to make their kids into ecelebs should be shot.

i do not disagree but just like I cringe at Greta I cringe at this kid.