Sun driven climate

Get ready for some cold weather.

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That’s why they are calling it a climate crisis now. They need to keep adjusting their terminology because climatology is actually really hard and all of the scientists that are talking about “climate change” aren’t meteorologists or climatologists.

They can call it what they will and they can make predictions all day long.

What they actually should be doing with funding is tried and true scientific studies and methods on how to keep our food sources viable in either extreme.

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Wow, you post a lot of pictures. A little more dialogue would be nice.


I think that’s part of the reason why they want us all eating bugs now. They don’t have a plan and that’s the best thing I could come up with… Very low effort.



Ha - point taken but maybe you could find higher quality stuff. Your pictures are always grainy and small. If you’re only going to post pics at least make them high quality.

If the SHTF, and eventually it will, with proper planning there should be no reason to eat bugs.

However, I am not opposed to that. Protein is protein.


The point he makes is high quality. :wink:

This is a documentary film from the 1970s before the onslaught of “global warming” lies.

Ice Age is coming very soon.
The Sun and Earth both bring about the cyclic changes in the climate.

Alex is really “Silent Bob” from Clerks