Sudanese-born top Australian model appears set to avoid prison

Wow. How did this filth make it into a beauty contest? She fugly inside and out. Looks like a tranny too. Hoping she gets time but I won’t hold my breath. They make excuses for her rotten behavior because of a “ tragic past?” Hoe lee shit! Who hasn’t had tragedy? Doesn’t give her a license to be a disgusting racist bitch.

  • Top model Adau Mornyang, 25, called an air marhsall a ‘white trash bitch’
  • She had also attacked a flight attendant and is now set to avoid 21 years in prison
  • The 25-year-old asked for a glass of wine, with an empty bottle by her side
  • She lashed out at staff after they insisted she already had five or six glasses
  • Mornyang may avoid prison altogether, pushing she be let off with a $2,849 fine


A former Miss Australian finalist? She sure doesn’t look Australian to me.

Fucking racist bitch. So sick of every race (even self-hating White) else getting a pass bashing White’s.

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Miss Australia? Were all other women dead?

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Diversity sucks and the different standards that trash like this get made me a little more racist today.

Good work, Australia.

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Identity politics bingo! A Sudanese, female, person of color, “refugee”.

Plus she sounds mentally ill and/or low IQ, which is on no surprise. One in three Sudanese are mentally ill due to the standard practice of Muslim inbreeding…and their average IQ is 68.