Stupid Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven Claims No Link Between Mass Migration and Rise in Gang Violence

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has claimed that there is no link between the high number of migrants the country has taken in recent years and the rising problem of gang violence.

The Swedish prime minister made his comments on Sunday on Swedish television, stating that the problem with rising gang violence was very real and different from the past and that the government “may not have seen it coming”, Nyheter Idag reports.

When asked by the host of the Agenda programme Anders Holmberg about links between mass migration and gang violence, Löfven was dismissive of any connection, blaming poverty and unemployment rates instead.

“The segregation is because there is too low employment and too high unemployment in these areas. But that would have been the same regardless of who had lived there. If you put people born in Sweden under the same conditions, you get the same result,” the Swedish leader said.

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What a mess. Sweden is what we should all look at to see what lies ahead for us all. We’re all seeing our rights, history and race attacked and erased. The future is bleak.


Sweden has descended into Islamic control. The day will come when Swedish feminists will regret castrating Swedish men.

Sweden is a dog infested with immigrant mango worms. Look that up on YouTube if you need to lose your appetite.

And this is why Eastern Europe should accept no Western refugees when Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and the other Western countries drown in blood and slaughter from their mad Mohammedan import policies.


There is a problem with Muslims in Europe - they do not integrate - ‘when in Rome, they do not do as the Romans do’ … they set themselves apart…but wish to be part of the European systems of social support…and to impose their values on Europeans.

Rightly or wrongly they are perceived as deeply unfriendly and anathema to European ways and values.

If a European were to live in a Muslim country they would ‘have to do as the Romans do when in Rome’.


Denmark … is currently embroiled in the fight against radical Islam. Vigorously using their intelligence services to map out and combat Islamic terrorist threats, Denmark’s security and intelligence service (PET) has concluded that the neighboring country of Sweden is the biggest terror threat to the country.


If there is no link then how does he explain the lack of gang violence in Sweden before the migrants showed up?

Sweden, in its ultimate arrogance, always acted as if it was the conscience and rationality of the Western civilization.

Now it’s paying for this arrogance.

This reminds me of Trudeau saying: if you kill your enemies, they win.

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I ( sigh ) repeat what grandma Vilula told me: “If you don’t listen, you surely will feel”. I know, I know, we will miss out on cultural enrichment. But that I am willing to risk. Anyone who washes his ass at a public drinking fountain, well, you can interpret that.

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Its specific epithet anthropophaga derives from the Greek word anthropophagos , “human eater”.

Who the feck elects these people? Countries that struggle to be civilized, have enough work trying to sort out home grown monsters; but for some reason ( or some mental condition ) there are those who wish to import more. You cannot reason with rabid animals. Ya just can’t. image----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nasty Dude Repeatedly Wipes His Butt Then Face … - YouTube

https:// /watch?v=Y1LtNwlXr0I --------------------------------------------- CULTURAL ENRICHMENT AT IT’S FINEST

The future is only bleak if people refuse to fight and accept the status quo like blind sheep!

Why are you posting in hieroglyphics?

Looking at the picture, one would believe it is Tehran.
Iguess if the Swedes had the TESTICLES to demonstrate waving their flag, they would be called OVERLY NATIONALISTIC.

That would be for our forum members who understand hieroglyphics.