Stupid Colorado Woman Puts Injured Bobcat in Car — Next to Her Toddler


This woman should face charges for being this stupid.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Officials have a warning after a Colorado Springs woman put an injured bobcat in her car, inches away from where her child was in a safety seat: Don’t pick up wildlife.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Bill Vogrin says the woman spotted the injured adult male cat while driving, wrapped it in a blanket and put it in the back of her SUV on Wednesday.

A boy, about 3 years old, was in the back seat.

Agency officials told her to get her boy and herself out of the vehicle when she called to ask what to do.

Vogrin says District Wildlife Manager Sarah Watson responded to the call, opened a door and slammed it shut when she spotted the 20-pound (9-kilogram) cat.

Watson used a trapping device to remove the animal, which was hissing and resisting despite severe internal injuries and paralyzed rear legs. The mortally injured cat was euthanized.

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It happened in Colorado so she was probably on her way to get her medical marijuana treatment and didn’t realize what she was doing, because she was high.

Maybe we shouldn’t let stupid animals like her breed. Feel sorry for the kid for having such a dumbass mother.

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Man, you just CANNOT fix stupid. I would hope a child endangerment charge would at least be filed, if not prosecuted, in that county. She was lucky they weren’t dragging that cat off her kid.

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Leftists should do their kids a favor and put them up for adoption.

I pray for God to watch over this little boy and for him to grow up safe, healthy, and nowhere as stupid as his mama.

Stupid is as stupid does.
Don’t know what happened to the boy, maybe slept through or traumatized for life.

I heard of a woman who tried to take a “group photo” with her kids and a wild bear mother and the cubs at Yellowstone.

and you wonder why the founding fathers didnt want the “popular vote” to elect the President ?
this idiotic woman is the perfect example why we shouldnt have a popular vote, there are too many stupid people like her out there

Who in the name of all things Holy would pick up an injured wild animal and place it beside her child?



The fact that Taco Bell was elected best Mexican restaurant is an example of why we need the Electoral College.


Still better. Don’t give voting rights to welfare recipients and extended families of criminals.
Plato said democracy is the lowest form of government because it’s nothing more than mob rule.

It could be the high elevation with reduced oxygen level that affected her brain.

What a complete idiot.

Kind of funny they use a photo of Lynx instead of a bobcat, says a lot about the author as well.