“Stunning Revelations”: Chick-Fil-A Was Moving Left, Becoming Pipeline for Leftist Causes; Now Funds Pro-Abortion Groups that Work with Planned Parenthood

The plot thickens…

Chick-fil-A should now be known as Ass-fil-Gay. I hope they all get GRIDs from their new favorite customers. Anyone not boycotting these assholes in 2019 supports pedophilia and the globohomo agenda.

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This has been speed reporting nonstop on them since they came out, what was it last week, on not supporting anti LGBTQP organizations.

This is a tactic that the left has mastered. How much is truth? How much is retracted? It really doesn’t matter now what is truth what is lies it’s in the headlines. This is the rapid fire destruction via headlines that will sink them

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It looks like they put a Democrat in charge. If you notice this is what happens over and over again every time a Democrat gets put in charge of something. Here’s what I see happening next:

People are going to start shooting up in their stores. The homeless are going to start shitting all over the bathrooms. The staff members are going to start slamming each other in the ass while they make your food. That’s a nice thought, isn’t it.

At least we will know where the new and improved Chick-fil-A sauce recipe will come from.

Or they just like their chicken sandwich…:man_shrugging:

I like Yuengling beer and drink it despite their support for Trump.

They’re probably planning a sale or IPO (or are they public already?). Which means if business doesn’t drop off, the Christian people get to take more money from the normie and (((globalist))) investors.

Continue to patronize and let him get his fucking money from the left, then drop off and let it crash once leftists own the shares.

Lifesite News is pretty strict with fact checking. What I think happened is that after the Salvation Army scandal, they started to research this Rodney Bullard guy who no one really knew much about. And that’s when the revelations started…

Sadly, yes. Unless they become popular with leftist customers.

They also donated to… Wait for it… SPLC

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I like this idea. Especially if they are about to go public. Everyone should keep buying it until they do and then boycott it.

Chick-fil-A is way overpriced and always crowded with Christian weirdos. I hope their business goes completely bankrupt…but not before they are guilted into donating substantial sums of money to the important causes of the left.

Think Chick-fil-A is over priced? Lots of people would disagree: last Chick-fil-A I went to was definitely crowded. There’s always KFC or Popeyes. Better a crowd of Christian weirdos than loud and unruly blacks.

As for everything else, I really don’t care. I’ll continue going so long as the chicken is good, and maybe I’ll get through the drive through faster without all those Christian “weirdos”. If they submit to the black undertow, that’s something else, and “Thug-fil-A” will be off my list.

This crosses the line for me! SPLC is a Marxist construct that is involved in some serious money laundering! It needs its buildings destroyed burnt to the ground and its members tarred and feather!

I am pretty shocked over this and feel its a betrayal!

Think about how all of the franchise owners feel.

Nothing but virtue signalling companies left in this country. Fuck 'em.

They got woke so let them go broke. Support local establishments that are directly tied to your community if you can.