Study blames lack of 'economically attractive' men for low marriage rates

Marriage rates have steadily declined over the past few decades, and now researchers from Cornell University are offering up a possible explanation: there just aren’t as many economically-attractive men for unmarried women to meet as there used to be.

Previous studies had attempted to answer why marriage rates are on the decline, but most focused solely on gender ratio discrepancies as opposed to looking into the specific socioeconomic characteristics that make a particular man and woman a good match.

First, the study’s authors examined data collected on recent marriages between 2007-2012 and 2013-2017, gathered as part of the American Community Survey’s cumulative 5-year marriage statistics. That data was used to estimate the financial and sociodemographic characteristics of unmarried women’s potential husbands by creating economic profiles that resembled real husbands who had married comparable women. These potential husband estimates were then compared to actual population data on unmarried men across national, state, and local locations.

Researchers found that these estimated potential “dream” husbands had an average income about 58% higher than the actual unmarried men currently available to unmarried women. These synthetic husbands were also 30% more likely to be employed than real single men and 19% more likely to have a college degree.

It was also observed that many racial and ethnic minorities, specifically African American women, seem to be dealing with especially low numbers of economically attractive potential mates. Additionally, women on both the low end and high end of the socioeconomic spectrum face a harder time finding an economically compatible mate.
“Most American women hope to marry but current shortages of marriageable men–men with a stable job and a good income–make this increasingly difficult, especially in the current gig economy of unstable low-paying service jobs,” explains lead author Dr. Daniel T. Lichter of Cornell University, in a media release.“Marriage is still based on love, but it also is fundamentally an economic transaction. Many young men today have little to bring to the marriage bargain, especially as young women’s educational levels on average now exceed their male suitors.”

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I’m confused. I thought they wanted to be strong independent wammens? Sounds like they really just want to be greedy childless whores who make their own money and use their husband as a secondary revenue stream. Yeah - fuck that.

Impossible! Our economy and the jobs out there are fantastic! How could any man not be economically attractive today?

Which is to say if women can’t find a man, considering how matters are stacked in their favor, it may well be because they’re unrealistically demanding or aren’t hiding their crazy well enough or both.

Good. Women age like milk and hit the wall before they are out of their late-20s. Now they get to become fat, childless, and miserable…but hey at least they will have their low-wage HR job :rofl:

Vapid promiscuous cunts blame men for them being vapid promiscuous cunts.

There must be a shortage of these men for GOLDDIGGERS. Do these women expect to meet and marry a CEO??? A good blowjob won’t make a marriage or relationship last forever.

Next they will cry that Male sex toys and Sex Dolls are ruining their chances of finding a meaningful relationship. They will do this while at the same time clinging to their own sex toys and devices claiming liberation.

Men, no matter how desperate, have learned that batshit crazy feminism is the path to misery and financial ruin.

Most people won’t become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or rich actors/athletes/whatever. During the post WWII boom the majority of well paid jobs were in factories.

That’s the reality.

It’s funny that the article is pretending it’s ONLY the woman’s choice of whether or not to get married. Another reason women aren’t getting married, is that men do not want to marry them. Western women are entitled whores and half of them believe it’s a form of slavery for men to expect them to be monogamous.

Men are broke, women are broken. Men have been disenfranchised by the educational system, legal system, and job market. Women have been indoctrinated by feminist dogma to treat men with suspicion and scorn, they want to have a career, not children, they can destroy men in court; divorce court or false accusation court. Women have become a cross just to heavy to bare, for most men.

Not true…our job market is the best it’s ever been. Any man who doesn’t have a really good job right now isn’t caring enough. Maybe that’s what women are noticing.

That’s right. There is no reason why every single male in the United States can’t be making a $250, 000 annual salary.

If they are really trying in this current economy, you are correct. There’ll never be a better time for them to succeed.

What men are earning is irrelevant. The fact is women want men to provide for them and also want to provide for themselves. No sane man would allow himself to be used as a piggy bank for a bunch of gold digging roasties. It’s easier and cheaper to use Tinder and it’s even smarter just to hire escorts. Women want equality, let them have it!

You obviously are not in your 20s or 30s. The economy right now is terrific for boomers. It’s fucked for everyone else.


Boomers benefitted from an economy their parents built… and then proceeded to destroy it just as millennials were entering the job market.

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Where in the statistics does it say that the women AREN’T earning for themselves. A well-to-do women is NOT going to want to marry a no-load man.

That’s simply not true. The economy is the best it’s ever been. We’ve been blessed since 2017 and it’s only getting better.

If you want to have children and have your wife stay home to raise them, then yes. You’re going to have to be the breadwinner in the family.

I think too many women have been burned by staying home to raise children, divorce hits and then they have no resume or experience to fall back on.

It isn’t a bad idea to build a career for 10 years, save money so when children come you are financially prepared. Then, should something happen to the marriage or to the spouse there is the ability to be able to get back into a career rather than starting at the bottom.

Of course, I am not speaking of gold diggers. They’ve been around since the beginning of time. Then again, that takes two doesn’t it? There is a reason for the term “sugar daddy”.