Strange narrative by Ben Fulford

Ben Fulford is a Jooish Canadian journalist residing in Japan and thus he is familiar with the internal politics of Japan. He supposedly gets intel from some CIA sources but he is often fed bum intel and he broadcasts that.

Nonetheless, some of his analyses are correct and I find them interesting.

It is absolutely true that two poweful and moneyed religious cults in Japan (Unification Church originally from South Korea and Soka Gakkai which has a political party forming a coalition) along with the Evangelicals in the US have been financing the Khazarian mafia, which Isra-hell is an integral part of.

The Khazarian mafia doesn’t give a damn about the lives of Arabs and Joos.

On 10-7 when Hamas started the attack, Netanyahu’s government ignored the warning and didn’t react in time. If you recall, when Syria and Egypt started their attacks in 1973 (the Yom Kippur war), Golda Meir’s government ignored the signs of an imminent attacks and failed to react in time, as a result of which Israeli reservists had to be hauled from the synagogues in a hurry. Coincidence?

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