Strange event over the Black Sea

US drone vs Russian jet

Dems will get the whole world in trouble.
(Failed) War with Russia and now war with China, which will fail.

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The US playing the dummy by repeating the international airspace BS narrative.

“This has never happened before today”: The US CBS channel drew how “a Russian plane shot down an American drone.”

See more here of what the US officials are saying.

Maybe the Russian pilot lived in New York and learned driving there.
Dump jet fuel on a drone? What a terrible and cruel thing to do. LOL

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If you don’t want to lose an expensive, high-tech drone, don’t fly it near a conflict zone.

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And here is war monger Lindsey talking shit again!

If Russia captured the whole damn thing intact, it did a very good job. Now Russia can back-engineer it.

No wonder shabbos-goy warmongers are angry.

The drone wasn’t as innocent as it was made out to be.

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This guy is a scream.


The US was passing the info on to Ukrainians so that they can kill and wound Russian troops and destroy Russian equipment.