Stimulus Payments We Received

Certain people hate Donald Trump but they should remember something. Trump gave us $1,200 stimulus payments, plus $500 per child. That money has helped a lot of good people during this horrible and terrifying pandemic. The money sure helped me and I’m grateful for it.
I realize that Trump isn’t the greatest President that we’ve ever had. He has some flaws but so do all people. He who is without flaws can cast the first stone. Trump has some flaws but I do believe that he cares about America.

How much are businesses receiving?
In Japan, the payment was 100,000 yen (a little over 900 US dollars) per head regardless of age, and 2 million yen (about 19 thousand US dollars) to a business if it can prove its loss due to corona virus.

Did you bother to read the bill???

It was based on size of the company. ll employees had to b recalled and every dollar spent had to be accounted for.

Seems you didn’t;t read the bill and the companies that received the loans set out on EMPLOYEES, PEOPLE.

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He is always butting his nose into our business, haven’t you noticed? He can never provide anything of substance that is about his own country and its issues. He is so desperate for attention he is always commenting on US issues which have nothing to do with him.

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