Stephen Miller Sounds the Alarm!

Tell me where you heard this one before? Biden’s policies will release 12,000 new criminals into the American public and it appears that the Democrats intent is to cause as much destruction as possible. Like releasing a Northern Pike into a lake that is stocked with Bass, Maximum destruction for the sole purpose of creating turmoil and chaos is the effect.

I hope y’all are ready, because stocking up now on ammo and learning how to operate a firearm for self preservation purposes would logically seem like a pretty sane and reasonable idea in preparation for what is coming.

This is the most extreme directive, I would argue, really in the history of modern law enforcement that has ever been issued. Let me break it down for everybody. Acting Secretary David Pekoske issued a memorandum on the evening of January 20th, the day of the inauguration, putting into place a 100-day deportation moratorium. There’s very narrow exceptions in that memorandum that would apply to only a handful of people in a given year. It would be terrorists and spies, really extraordinary cases.”

“What it means Tucker, is that the work of ICE officers will grind to a halt beginning February 1st. Why February 1st? because that is the date by which ICE has to come up with implementing guidance for the memo. And so, every sheriff’s office, every police department, every correctional facility in the country, that for years has been handing over illegal aliens to ICE to pick them up and take them home, which is the bread and butter of ICE’s work; all of those people will not get picked up anymore.

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It’s open borders with an attempt to legalize them by 2024. To win every election.

It’s to kill off poor Americans chance to earn a honest wage.

And to be honest they vote for it.

“Rich ppl need to pay more “ pay my bills”
Scary times how Democrats have used the education system to dumb down Americans

ts a pretty dire situation that America is facing right now. Also there is no way I am going to raise my son through the Public School education system. Its a hot mess of Marxist indoctrination right now.

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you need to give your son away so he can have some semblance of life…
your red neck life isn’t going to get him far…give him to a Democrat so
he has a good life and and helps his fellow man…you are a very bad
role model and even worse dad…so give him away and go blow your
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You’ll never have to give anything away cuz you have nothing to give
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We should have a Declared culture in America and forced assimilation

stevan miller is a fascist and is high up in the fascist party…
The new hearings will prove s miller is deeply involved
in the jan.6 terriorist attack…

What’s wrong with fascism? our refugees are all fascist