St. Paul cop offers alleged shoplifter a break, gets stabbed

A Saint Paul, Minnesota, cop was stabbed by a homeless woman Monday evening after he had offered to give her a break for allegedly shoplifting from a grocery store, according to a report.

Officer Joe Ryan approached the woman around 8 p.m. after store employees told him that a woman had hidden items in her clothing without paying for them, the Star Tribune reported. He offered to let her return the stolen items without punishment, according to the paper.

The woman – later identified as 23-year-old Articia L. Moore – denied having stolen anything, even though Ryan could allegedly see the concealed items. She then returned a single item. Ryan told her to return the rest.

The woman explained she was homeless and became uncooperative, The Tribune reported. Ryan grabbed her arm after allegedly seeing a knife handle in her pocket.

A scuffle ensued, and the woman allegedly struck Ryan in the chest with a screwdriver and in the arm with a knife, according to a criminal complaint. Ryan brought her under control and arrested her.

Ryan’s vest protected him against the screwdriver, while his left bicep had a minor cut, according to the charges.

Moore was charged Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court with second-degree assault and assaulting a police officer.

Well, she isn’t homeless anymore! :laughing:

(I’m glad the officer wasn’t seriously injured. Thank God for his vest).

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Typical behavior by these stunning and brave people of color. Why do we tolerate this? We know how they behave and they should be reminded that such behavior isn’t acceptable in a civilized place.

The cop should have just locked her up. No good deed goes unpunished, especially when dealing with animals.

Oh I see, so white people never behave this way. It’s colored people behavior.

And when you ask why behavior like this is tolerated the answer is it’s not. She was arrested.

She’s a human being…

You are so right. I’m absolutely terrified to walk around areas that are majority white… You know all those nice restaurants, well kept homes, small shops, quiet streets…it’s horrible.

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I don’t know why anyone would want to be a police officer anymore. My grandfather was a cop in Buffalo back in the day. He used to be able to beat criminals with his nightstick and no one ever complained. now the criminals have more rights than the police officers. When a police officer tries to do the right thing by someone this is the thanks they get.

I think we need to go back to a simpler time when there were no body cameras and cops got to beat criminals with their nightsticks for even the slightest infraction.

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Yeah, the good old days when cops took matters into their own hands. We don’t allow that anymore and you can suck it up.

It truly is. My coworkers always wonder why I have an extra hour’s worth of commute each day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going for a walk at 3:30am, and I don’t have to bring any form of weapon with me to keep me safe.

kick the rats out of the judicial system, and you won’t even need to go that far.

Some ‘human beings’ are mere life forms who don’t deserve to draw breath.

And you’re not the decider…

Obviously the cop was a racist. With her being homeless, he could have done a " good deed" and let her go.
At least she won’t be homeless for a while and was lucky the cop didn’t use more force to protect himself. White racist cops always after homeless black shoplifters that have nothing. At least she won’t eat gubment cheese.