St Louis Police Execute Search Warrant, Seize AR-15 from Mark McCloskey's Home

This is pretty egregious in terms of violating probable cause, and violating constitutional rights! Where there is no precedent for probable cause this case should be made an example of. The state AG should be removed for malicious prosecution and abuse of power!

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Love this woman’s response to this total egregious bullshit and blatant violation of the constitutional rights by the state AG!

What I’m still not understanding is what legal right did the police have to go to a private residence and seize private property?

They didn’t. That’s why this is so outrageous.

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I didn’t watch the video but have been following the story.

My takeaway is this is just one more event that is turning voters away from the democrat party.

I think people are absolutely disgusted and fed up right now.

The only way Biden wins is if TDS overrules common sense.

They didn’t. The State AG is a Soros Funded puppet.

Mayor G calls it out in succinct terms, and its something we better start waking upto, because Soros just upped the ante on this.

The simple solution is cut the funding and seize the assets of his NGO’s and the problem goes away real quick.

Normally I would agree, but voter fraud with the mail in crap is the biggest threat right now, besides the hyperbole on the COVID-19 crisis.

The mail in voter is a very big concern.

Yeah! That is the understatement at the present moment. I do really hope Trump has a plan to address this!

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More on this with Tucker!